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mversion - A cross packaging manager module version handler/bumper

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Imitates npm version to also work on other packaging files. For those times you have either have multiple packaging files (like bower.json, component.json, manifest.json) or just not a package.json file. mversion can easily bump your version and optionally commit and create a tag.

mversion file support

  • package.json
  • npm-shrinkwrap.json
  • component.json
  • bower.json
  • manifest.json
  • *.jquery.json (jquery plugin files, e.g plugin.jquery.json)

Usage CLI

npm install -g mversion


$ mversion patch
New Version: 0.0.6
Updated package.json
Updated component.json
$ mversion 0.0.5 -m
New Version: 0.0.5
Updated package.json
Updated component.json
Updated manifest.json
Commited to git and created tag v0.0.5
$ mversion 1.0.0-rc1 -m "Now in wopping v%s"
New Version: 1.0.0-rc1
Updated package.json
Updated component.json
Commited to git and created tag v1.0.0-rc1


$ mversion -h
Usage: mversion [ <newversion> | major | minor | patch | prerelease ] [ -m <optional message> ] [ -n | --no-prefix ]
(run in package dir) - (Also supports premajor, preminor and prepatch, see semver summary)
Update module version in either one or all of package.json,
component.json, bower.json, manifest.json and *.jquery.json.

Run without arguments to get current version.

Semver Summary

Given a version number MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH, increment the:

  • MAJOR version when you make incompatible API changes,,
  • MINOR version when you add functionality in a backwards-compatible manner, and,
  • PATCH version when you make backwards-compatible bug fixes., Additional labels for pre-release and build metadata are available as extensions to the MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH format.,

Update version

Update version by defining new semver valid version or a release string (major, minor, patch, build).

Ex: "mversion minor" Ex: "mversion 1.0.1-beta"


Use -m to auto commit and tag. Apply optional message and use '%s' as placeholder for the updated version. Default message is 'v%s' where %s is replaced with new version.

--tag (or -t for short) allows for overriding the tag name used. This does not change behaviour of the message, just the tag name. As with -m, all occurances of %s is replaced with the newly bumped version.

--no-prefix (or -n for short) is a short hand for setting a tag name without v as prefix. This does not change behaviour of the message, just the tag name.

-- Ex: "mversion minor -m" Ex: "mversion minor -m 'Bumped to v%s' --tag 'v%s-src'"

Version aliases

If you are lazy you can also use aliases for the version release type.

mversion p

The full list of aliases:

"pa": "patch",
"pr": "prerelease",
"ma": "major",
"mi": "minor",
// one char might be controversial, but it saves key strokes
"m": "major",
"p": "patch",
"i": "minor"

Default settings

Create a .mversionrc file in your root with default settings as defined in the of the project.

## Default Settings

You can provide default settings by creating a `.mversionrc` file
in the root of your project (or in a directory higher up in the hierarchy).
This way you can define project specific tag names or commit messages.

See API below to see what options are accepted.

### Example `.mversionrc`

  "commitMessage": "Bumped to %s",
  "tagName": "v%s-src"

Now, when doing this in the Terminal:

$ mversion minor

would now be the same as doing:

mversion minor -m "Bumped to %s" -t "v%s-src"

Note: CLI arguments take precedence over default options. So doing this (with the .mversionrc file as defined above):

mversion minor -m "Kicked version to %s"

Would lead to the commit message being Kicked version to %s, and tag name to be v%s-src.


.mversionrc will also allow you to define hooks before (preupdate) and after (postupdate) version is updated.


  "scripts": {
    "preupdate": "echo 'Bumping version'",
    "precommit": "sh ./",
    "postcommit": "git push && git push --tags && npm publish",
    "postupdate": "echo 'Updated to version %s in manifest files'"

If precommit fails (returns something other that exit 0) the commit will be checked out (removing the version bump changes).

Usage API

npm install mversion
var mversion = require('mversion');
mversion.get(function (err, data) {
    data = {
      'package.json': VERSION,
      'component.json': VERSION
mversion.update('minor', function (err, data) { })
mversion.update('major', function (err, data) { })
    version: 'major',
    commitMessage: 'Some commit message for version %s'
  }, function (err, data) { }) // Will commit/tag
    version: 'major',
    commitMessage: 'Some commit message for version %s',
    noPrefix: true
  }, function (err, data) { }) // Make tag without v prefix
mversion.update('patch', function (err, data) { })
mversion.update('prerelease', function (err, data) { })
    version: '0.0.1',
    commitMessage: 'Bumping version'
  }, function (err, data) { }) // Will commit/tag
mversion.update('v1.0.1', function (err, data) { })
mversion.update('v1.0.1-beta', function (err, data) { })
mversion.update('v1.0.1-010988', function (err, data) { })

mversion.get(callback(err, data))

Get version of all the different package files. See example above.

mversion.update([options, ]callback(err, data))

Update version of found package files.

Example of the data returned from the callback:

  "newVersion": "1.0.0",
  "versions": { "package.json": "1.0."},
  "message": "Updated package.json",
  "updatedFiles": ["/mversion/example/package.json"]

Some times both data and err has values. In this case some package files were updated and some not.

options : Undefined

If options is undefined a standard bump of minor will be used.

options : String

If options is a string, this string is used as the version bump.



options.version : String

Used to bump version. See above.

options.commitMessage : String

Used as message when creating commit in Git. Also used as message for the annotated tag created. If undefined, no commit will be made.

Occurances of %s in commit message will be replaced with new version number.


  version: 'major',
  commitMessage: 'Bumps to version %s'

options.tagName : String

Default: v%s

Allows for overriding of tagName. For instance adding a suffix and changeing tag to be named v%s-src.

Will only take affect if commitMessage is defined.

Occurances of %s in tag name will be replaced with new version number.


  version: 'major',
  commitMessage: 'Bumps to version %s',
  tagName: 'v%s-src'
// Might produce annotated tag named v1.0.0-src

options.noPrefix : Boolean

If true and commit message is defined, the annotated tag created will not have 'v' as prefix. This is a short hand for defining setting tag name to %s. Do not work if tag name is overriden (options.tagName is defined).


  version: 'major',
  commitMessage: 'Bumps to version %s',
  noPrefix: true
// Might produce annotated tag named 1.0.0

This would be the same as:

  version: 'major',
  commitMessage: 'Bumps to version %s',
  tagName: '%s'
// Might produce annotated tag named 1.0.0

mversion.isPackageFile(filename) : Boolean

Checks whether or not the given filename is a valid package file type.


assert.equal(mversion.isPackageFile('package.json'), true);
assert.equal(mversion.isPackageFile('component.json'), true);
assert.equal(mversion.isPackageFile('bower.json'), true);
assert.equal(mversion.isPackageFile('foobar.json'), false);
assert.equal(mversion.isPackageFile('foobar.jquery.json'), true);
assert.equal(mversion.isPackageFile('foojquery.json'), false);



  1. Adds aliases for bumps (p, m, i) (#20)


  1. Adds Composer support. (#19)


  1. Replaces %s with newVersion in post scripts. Fixes #18


  1. Adds support for git staging files with spaces. Fixes #17


  1. Adds auto-updater to mversion.


  1. Fixes issue with version bump being parsed as number and running string operations.
  2. Improves error given on invalid version input
  3. Bumps minimatch and semver to latest versions.


  1. Adds pre-/postcommit hooks allowing for commands to be run before and after version bump git commit.


  1. Adds .mversionrc file for defining default settings
  2. Adds pre-/postupdate hooks allowing for commands to be run before and after version bump. Useful for instance for doing npm publish or git push.


  1. Adds option to override tag name (options.tagName) in #update.
  2. Misc. refactoring and further testing.


  1. Improves CLI arguments. Now arguments is indifferent to order
  2. Adds better error handling and user feedback on partial version update (not all files).


  1. Changes API to use an object literal, avoiding magic strings/primitives.


  1. Adds noPrefix flag. Allowing to define whether or not to prefix tags with "v".


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