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Azimutt CLI

This CLI is aimed at helping you work with databases, and more specifically (for now) exploring their schema. It works with SQL ones like PostgreSQL but also document ones like MongoDB or Couchbase 🎉

The schema can be easily imported to Azimutt to explore it seamlessly.

Use this CLI without installing it thanks to npx: npx azimutt.

Get the help simply by running the CLI (npx azimutt) or for a specific command using npx azimutt help export for example.

Available commands

  • export (npx azimutt export <kind> <url> [arguments])
    • ex: npx azimutt export mongodb "mongodb+srv://"
    • ex: npx azimutt export couchbase couchbases://
    • kind the database type you want to export (postgres, mongodb or couchbase)
    • url the database connection url, must contain everything needed (user, pass, port...)
    • --database is optional, restrict schema extraction to this database
    • --schema is optional, restrict schema extraction to this schema
    • --bucket is optional, restrict schema extraction to this bucket
    • --sample-size defines how many items are used to infer a schema (for document databases)
    • --raw-schema writes another file with the intermediary representation of the database schema (more details & specificities)
    • --infer-relations build relations based on column names, for example a user_id will have a relation if a table users has an id column
    • --flatten nested objects in specified levels, may be useful for document databases
    • --format is optional, default to json but for relational database it could also be sql
    • --output is optional, database name will be inferred from url and prefixed by the timestamp
    • --debug allows to see the full stack trace of the error (can be helpful to debug)


Start with npm run init to install dependencies and set up the CLI, then you have:

  • npm run exec to compile and launch the CLI (use -- args for CLI args, ex: npm run exec -- --url mongodb://, or npm run build && node lib/index.js
  • npm run start to launch it with live reaload (same, use -- args to pass arguments to the CLI)
  • npm run test to launch tests


  • connect to npm account
  • update package.json version
  • test with npm run prepublish and check azimutt-x.y.z.tgz content
  • launch npm publish


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