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Axios Cache Hooks

Axios Cache Hooks is the faster, simple and efficient way to use Axios inside React applications.

Table of Contents


npm   install axios axios-cache-interceptor axios-cache-hooks
yarn  add     axios axios-cache-interceptor axios-cache-hooks
import { createAxiosHooks } from 'axios-cache-hooks';
const { createAxiosHooks } = require('axios-cache-hooks');
const { createAxiosHooks } = window.axiosCacheHooks;

Url Import

import { createAxiosHooks } from '';

Getting Started

Axios Cache Hooks is a super effective and performant way to use Axios calls inside React applications. It is very performant because it deeply uses (and only works with) Axios (6.7Kb) and Axios Cache Interceptor (4.2Kb) under the hood.

// http.ts
import Axios from 'axios';
import { setupCache } from 'axios-cache-interceptor';
import { createAxiosHooks } from 'axios-cache-hooks';

export const axios = setupCache(Axios);
export const { useQuery, useMutation } = createAxiosHooks();

/** Returns an user by his name */
export function getUser(name: string, config?: AxiosRequestConfig): Promise<User> {
  return axios.get<User>(`users/find-by-name/${name}`, config);
// component.tsx
import { useQuery, getUser } from './http';

export const UserAge = ({ username }) => {
  // This will share cache between ALL components that uses the same query and parameters.
  const [user, { loading, error }] = useQuery(getUser, username);

  return (
      <p>{loading ? 'loading...' : user.age}</p>


This package is just a "bridge" between Axios with Cache and React. Please read the Axios Cache Interceptor documentation for any cache issue.

This package is so small that every documentation is available in the form of TSDoc. You can start by importing createAxiosHooks and using the returned hooks.

How it works

Basically, this package calls the provided http function on every draw, this is fine because you can only use this hook with axios-cache-interceptor which caches very effectively axios request, only allowing needed axios request to go through network.

By extracting you request functions into dedicated functions, like the getUser above, you'll enable caching requests at a component level, even for your micro-frontend setup.

This works flawlessly because Axios Cache Interceptor has a concept of Request IDs that defines which requests are the same or not.

If you still have any questions, please feel free to create an issue and i'll be happy to help (and even improve this readme).


This package is dependent of AxiosCacheInterceptor@>=0.8 and Axios@>=0.28 because of this PR.


Licensed under the MIT. See LICENSE for more informations.

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