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Node bindings for the blake2 cryptographic hash function. The relationship of Avon to Blake is of course obvious.

Blake2 provides four different hashing functions:

  • blake2b, blake2bp: 64-bit architectures, single & multicore variations
  • blake2s, blake2sp: 32-bit and under architectures, single & multicore variations

All four algorithms are different & will produce different sums. Choose the one that's appropriate for your use.

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Tested on node 0.10, 4.x, 5.x, and 6.x.


Avon exports sumFile(), sumBuffer(), and sumStream() functions to calculate a hash for whatever sort of data you have. sumBuffer() is synchronous. sumFile() and sumStream() take an optional callback. If no callback is provided, they return promises. Use the control flow method you prefer! The calculated hash is a node Buffer.

If you don't specify an algorithm, the 64-bit single-core B algorithm is used.

var Avon = require('avon');
var assert = require('assert');
var buf = new Buffer('this is some input');
var hash = Avon.sumBuffer(buf, Avon.ALGORITHMS.BP);
assert(hash instanceof Buffer);
var sum = Avon.sumBuffer(buf, Avon.ALGORITHMS.SP);

Want to hash a file? Sure!

Avon.sumFile('my_file.dat', Avon.ALGORITHMS.SP, function(err, buffer)
    if (err) console.error('noooo!');
    else console.log(buffer.toString('hex'))

Or create a stream:

var input = fs.createReadStream('my-large-file');
var hasher = Avon.sumStream(Avon.ALGORITHMS.BP);
input.on('close', function()
    var digest = hasher.digest('hex');
    // you now have a string with the final hash digest 
    // the hash is unusable from here on 


Avon.ALGORITHMS exports the enum-like list of algorithms: B, BP, S, and SP.

Blake2 provides a bewildering variety of variations. Avon exposes all of them both in the general-purpose functions given above, and in some convenience wrappers. This chart might help you decide which to use.

function input arch multicore? async? algo name
sumStream stream * * - pass algo name
sumBuffer buffer * * n pass algo name
sumFile file * * y pass algo name
blake2 buffer 64 n n B
blake2SMP buffer 64 y n BP
blake2_32 buffer 32 n n S
blake2_32SMP buffer 32 y n SP
blake2File file 64 n y B
blake2SMPFile file 64 y y BP
blake2_32File file 32 n y S
blake2_32SMPFile file 32 y y SP


V8 bindings made considerably easier thanks to NAN.