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A command line utility that compiles an ActionScript project configured with an asconfig.json file. This utility parses the configuration file and runs the compiler with the appropriate options. Supports a variety of ActionScript SDKs, including the Apache FlexJS SDK and the Adobe AIR SDK & Compiler.


Requires Node.js.

npm install -g asconfigc


Run asconfigc in a directory containing an asconfig.json file.

The following options are available:

  • -p DIRECTORY or --project DIRECTORY

    Compile the asconfig.json project in the given directory. If omitted, will look for asconfig.json in current directory.

  • --flexHome DIRECTORY

    Specify the directory where Apache FlexJS, or another supported SDK, is located. If omitted, defaults to checking FLEX_HOME and PATH environment variables for a supported SDK.

  • --debug=true or --debug=false

    Overrides the debug compiler option specified in asconfig.json.

  • -h or --help

    Print help message.

  • -v or --version

    Print the version of asconfigc.

Made with Apache FlexJS

The source code for the asconfigc utility is written in ActionScript. That's right, a utility that runs on Node.js — written in ActionScript and compiled with Apache FlexJS. Pretty cool, right?

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