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    A command line utility that compiles an ActionScript project configured with an asconfig.json file. This utility parses the configuration file and runs the compiler with the appropriate options. It can also package an Adobe AIR application. Supports a variety of ActionScript SDKs, including Adobe AIR SDK & Compiler, Apache Flex, the Feathers SDK, and Apache Royale.


    Requires Node.js.

    npm install -g asconfigc

    Command Line Usage

    Run asconfigc in a directory containing an asconfig.json file.

    The following options are available:


      Compile a project with the path to its configuration file or a directory containing asconfig.json. If omitted, will look for asconfig.json in current working directory.

    • --sdk DIRECTORY

      Specify the directory where the ActionScript SDK is located. If omitted, defaults to checking ROYALE_HOME, FLEX_HOME, and PATH environment variables for a supported SDK.

    • --debug=true or --debug=false

      Specify debug or release mode. Overrides the debug compiler option, if specified in asconfig.json.

    • --air PLATFORM

      Package the project as an Adobe AIR application. The allowed platforms include android, ios, windows, mac, and air.

    • --storepass PASSWORD

      The password used when signing and packaging an Adobe AIR application. If not specified, prompts for the password.

    • --clean

      Clean the output directory. Will not build the project.

    • --unpackage-anes

      (Advanced) Unpackage native extensions to the output directory when creating a debug build for the Adobe AIR simulator.

    • --verbose

      (Advanced) Displays more detailed output, including the full set of options passed to all programs.

    • --jvmargs

      (Advanced) Pass additional options to the Java Virtual Machine when running the compiler.

    • -h or --help

      Print help message.

    • -v or --version

      Print the version of asconfigc.

    Module Usage

    The asconfigc build utility may be loaded as a CommonJS module in a Node.js script.

    const asconfigc = require("asconfigc");
    const args = ["--sdk", sdkPath, "--debug"];
    try {
    	await asconfigc.buildWithArgs(args);
    } catch(e) {
    	// the build failed

    Made with Apache Royale

    The source code for the asconfigc utility is written in ActionScript. That's right, a utility that runs on Node.js — written in ActionScript and compiled with Apache Royale. Pretty cool, right?

    Support this project

    The ActionScript & MXML extension for Visual Studio Code and asconfigc are developed by Josh Tynjala with the support of community members like you.

    Support Josh Tynjala on Patreon

    Special thanks to the following sponsors for their generous support:


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