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Many helpful functions for javascript Arrays


Functions included

var array = require("array-enhancements");
  • array.ize(Mixed item): Array

    Create an array given any type of argument

  • array.add(Array, [Array[, ...]]): Array

    Append any given number of arrays into a new one

  • array.clone(Array arr): Array

    Clone (could be recursive) a dense array

    Note: only loop arrays not objects

  • array.insertAt(Array ar, Mixed o, Number index): Boolean

    Add an element at the specified index (alias of splice)

  • array.combine(Array **&**dst, Array [, Array ...])

    Append any number of arrays into the first one

  • array.countValues(Array array [, Boolean ci]): Array

    Counts all the values of an array

    Second argument (ci) enable case insensitive comparison

  • array.sortObject(Array arr, String key)

    Sort an array of Objects by given key.

  • array.chunk(Array array, Number size[, Boolean preserve_keys = false])

    Split an array into chunks

  • array.shuffle(Array **&**arr)

    This function shuffles (randomizes the order of the elements in) an array.

  • array.pad(Array arr, Number size, Mixed value): Array

    Returns a copy of the array padded to size specified by size with value value.

    If size is positive then the array is padded on the right. If it's negative then on the left. If the absolute value of size is less than or equal to the length of the array then no padding takes place

  • array.product(Array arr): Number|NaN

    Calculate the product of values in an array

  • array.sum(Array arr): Number|NaN

    Calculate the product of values in an array

  • array.dense(Array arr): Array

    Create a new dense array from given one

  • array.random(Array arr): Mixed

    Picks one random value of an array

  • array.rand(Array arr, Number len): Array

    Picks one or more random entries out of an array, and returns the key (or keys) of the random entries.

  • array.fill(Number start, Number count, Mixed value): Array

    Fill a new array with value

  • array.column(arr, field): Array

    Return the values from a single column in the input array.

    Values should be Objects.

  • array.kmap(Array arr, String field)

    Returns an Object with the key a property of the object.

    Values must be objects.

  • arr, String key, Mixed value): Array

    Search in an array of Objects given key-value and return the list that match.

  • array.random(Array arr): Mixed

    Get a random value, the array must be dense

  • array.unique(Array arr): Array

    Create a new array removing duplicated values

  • array.mapAsync (Array arr, Function callback(Mixed value, Number key, Function done), Function donecallback(Array results), Mixed thisArg)

    Executes a provided function (callback) once per array element.

    callback will receive a done callback to notify when it finished.

    the done callback receive the result.

    And when all is done, donecallback will be called.


array.mapAsync(["file.txt", "file2.txt"], function(valkeydone) {
fs.readFile(val, function(errdata) {
}, function(contents) {
// you have read all files, do your staff 
  • array.mapSerial (Array arr, Function callback(Mixed value, Number key, Function next, Function end), Function donecallback(Array results), Mixed thisArg)

    Executes a provided function (callback) once per array element, one by one.

    callback will receive a next callback to notify when it finished and end callback to notify do not continue.

    the next callback receive the result and and optional key.

array.mapSerial(["file.txt", "file2.txt"], function(valkeynextend) {
fs.readFile(val, function(errdata) {
next(data, val);
}, function(contents) {
// you have read all files, do your staff 
// constest is an object: {"file.txt": "???", "file2.txt": "???"} 

Compatibility layer for old browsers @lib/arrays-compat.js (mostly from MDN)

  • Array.prototype.reduce
  • Array.prototype.filter
  • Array.prototype.reduceRight
  • Array.prototype.some
  • Array.prototype.every
  • Array.prototype.forEach
## Install
With [npm]( do:

npm install array-enhancements

## test (travis-ci ready!)

npm test // or cd /test node test.js

## license