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    Apex API Gateway

    apex-api-gateway helps you deploying your Apex project into API Gateway. This is an early version, only basic commands are available. If you need more advanced features, you can use AWS CLI.

    npm version

    This project was inspired by serverless-ci-example's Python deploy script.


    npm install -g apex-api-gateway


    Usage: apex-api-gateway <command> [options]
      create <name> [description] [cloneFrom]  Create a new REST API on AWS API Gateway
      update                                   Update the REST API with the new Swagger definitions
      -c, --config  Apex project JSON file location
      --help        Display help [boolean]

    To create an API and update Apex's configuration automatically, just simply do :

    apex-api-gateway create 'My Awesome API'

    Define swagger file in every function.json you have and main project.json (this should be done automatically later). You can check out the Apex API Gateway Boilerplate.

    And to update API :

    apex-api-gateway update

    Writing your swagger definitions


    After initiating your Apex project, you'll get a project.json containing everything Apex needs to run your lambas. We can then use it to define other definitions under a x-api-gateway key, and here's what you can define.

    • base_path
    • stage_name
    • rest-api-id: You can define this key yourself or let the create command do it for you


    You can use this key to match your functions's path and add default Swagger definition. For example, adding CORS to API Gateway can be done like this:

    "paths": {
      ".+": { // this will match every path
        "options": { // adding options for preflight requests
            You can add CORS definitions for OPTIONS request here.
            Check out config example: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/apigateway/latest/developerguide/how-to-cors.html#enable-cors-for-resource-using-swagger-importer-tool
      "/sweets(.+)": { // match a /sweets path and all the descendants
        "get": { /* ... */ },
        "put": { /* ... */ }

    Warning: ^ is prepended and $ is appended to the regex matching because I find it easier to match a plain path just writing it. This is questionable and if you disagree, you can open an issue to argue. :P


    This template represents the default swagger definition for every function defined in your Apex project. The property's behavior is very similar to paths property and will likely be integrated into it in the future. The only difference is this definition is method agnostic.


    "swagger-func-template": {
      "consumes": ["application/json"],
      "produces": ["application/json"],
      "responses": { /* ... */ },
      "x-amazon-apigateway-integration": { /* ... */ },
      "x-amazon-apigateway-auth" : { /* ... */ }


    This one is easier to define, just define your method in a x-api-gateway key like this:

    "x-api-gateway": {
      "method": "post",
      "path": "/sweets",
      "parameters":[/* ... */]
      /* ... */

    method and paths are required since it will be used as a key for the Swagger main file. The rest is only regular Swagger definition.


    npm i apex-api-gateway

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