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Animadio CSS Framework

  • Eight types of selectors working with hover, focus & checked states
  • Flexbox & Grid systems included with common options
  • Click anywhere on the page to enable & disable any design effect anywhere else
  • Management of keyframes animations & their options
  • Complete & simple customization with directly modifiable CSS variables
  • More than 99% of pure CSS : so all of that without JavaScript...

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NPM : npm i animadio
Yarn : yarn add animadio


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The main library distribution is :

  • For development : dist/animadio.css
  • For production : dist/min/animadio.min.css

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But if you only need a part of Animadio, you can use one of those dist files :

  • To get Global + Grid : dist/animadio-grid.css for dev or dist/min/animadio-grid.min.css for prod
  • To get Global + Elements : dist/animadio-elements.css for dev or dist/min/animadio-elements.min.css for prod
  • To get Global + States : dist/animadio-states.css for dev or dist/min/animadio-states.min.css for prod

CSS Only

Animadio is a CSS framework whose library is composed only of CSS source code: jQuery, or even Javascript, are not included or needed in production...

Grunt is the only JavaScript app used in the framework developement side for recursive tasks (concat, source map, webkit & min) to build the library file (but it can be used to concat CSS elements of your choice)

You can simply use the library & if you want or if you need : you can overload the CSS variables.

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Animadio has continuous support until the 31st of December 2021 & community networks will give all news !

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Animadio uses PostCSS with autoprefixer to provide a maximum of compatibility for all main browsers, including mainly Firefox, Chrome & Opera, secondarily Edge, Safari & Explorer (for some effects, especially all Skew animations)


CodePen : @animadio

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Slack :

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Animadio Documentation is available !

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Issues can be created here

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But for Parse Error issues, from a CSS linter or a W3C validator :

  • check the user agent from the browsers
  • look here before doing anything :

For the W3C CSS Validator :

For the W3C Nu HTML Validator :

For CSS Lint :

Pull Requests

And Pull Requests can be created there

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Animadio needs you if you like it : sends pull requests on GitHub to improve it !!

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Animadio is maintained under the Semantic Versioning 2.0.0

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Philippe Beck

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Lisa Lecieux

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Valentin Antoin

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Code released under the MIT License

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