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Angular Star Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

⭐ Angular Star Rating is a Angular 2+ component made with ❤, based on css only techniques. ⭐

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Angular Star Rating is a Angular 2+ component made with ❤.

It is based on best practice UX/UI methods, accessibility in mind and an eye for details. In love with reactive forms, the component is easy to control over the keyboard.
It is a perfect fit for all angular projects with ⭐'s.

To keep it as flexible as possible a major part of the logic is based on css only techniques. The component simple applies the state depending css modifiers.


Browser support

IE Firefox Chrome Safari Opera
>11 >50 >55 >10 >41


Fully featured this component is provided with:

  • easy configurable and reasonable defaults
  • all 12 css modifiers of the awesome css only star rating library
  • it integrates well with reactive forms and all it's states
  • focus and blur events are handled for a smooth keyboard navigation
  • it's keyboard control is even better than a native input once :-)
  • mouse enter and leave events are used to generate a nice on hover interaction
  • importable as a angular ngModule it is a plug and play to use
  • and is tested for AOT

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Get Angular Star Rating:

  • clone & build this repository
  • download as .zip
  • via npm: by running $ npm install angular-star-rating --save from your console

Consuming the library

As a precondition we consider you have your .angular-cli.json setup with an assets folder so that the ./src/assets folder is included in the bundled version. But this is given by default if you use the angular-cli to setup your project.

Now you can import your library in your angular application by running:

$ npm install angular-star-rating --save


$ npm install angular-star-rating@2.0.0-rc.5 --save

for a specific version.

Create an assets folder under your ./src folder and copy the images from your ./node_modules/angular-star-rating/assets/images folder into ./src/assets/images.

Also import the star.rating.scss file i.e. import it in your styles.scss file with @import "~angular-star-rating/assets/scss/star-rating";

In your app.module.ts import the StarRatingModule to your Angular AppModule:

import { BrowserModule } from '@angular/platform-browser';
import { NgModule } from '@angular/core';
import { AppComponent } from './app.component';  
import { StarRatingModule } from 'angular-star-rating';
  declarations: [
  imports: [
  providers: [],
  bootstrap: [AppComponent]
export class AppModule { }

Once your library is imported, you can use the components in your Angular application:

<!-- You can now use your library component in app.component.html -->
<star-rating-comp [starType]="'svg'" [rating]="2.63"></star-rating-comp>

If something is not working check if

  • the component renders the expected html
  • if you use the svg version check if the star-rating.icons.svg is present in your ./src/assets/images and loaded

Implement the output handler

import {Component} from "@angular/core";
import {OnClickEvent, OnRatingChangeEven, OnHoverRatingChangeEvent} from "angular-star-rating/src/star-rating-struct";
    selector: 'my-events-component',
    template: `    
            <star-rating-comp   [starType]="'svg'" 
            <p>onHoverRatingChangeResult: {{onHoverRatingChangeResult | json}}</p>
            <p>onClickResult: {{onClickResult | json}}</p>
            <p>onRatingChangeResult: {{onRatingChangeResult | json}}</p>
export class MyEventsComponent {
    onClick = ($event:OnClickEvent) => {
        console.log('onClick $event: ', $event);
        this.onClickResult = $event;
    onRatingChange = ($event:OnRatingChangeEven) => {
        console.log('onRatingUpdated $event: ', $event);
        this.onRatingChangeResult = $event;
    onHoverRatingChange = ($event:OnHoverRatingChangeEvent) => {
        console.log('onHoverRatingChange $event: ', $event);
        this.onHoverRatingChangeResult = $event;
<!-- app.component.html-->

Use it with reactive forms

As easy as it could be. Just apply the formControlName attribute to the star rating component.

import {Component} from "@angular/core";
import {FormGroup, FormControl} from "@angular/forms";
    selector: 'my-form-component',
    template: `    
        <form [formGroup]="form">
            <star-rating-comp [starType]="'svg'" formControlName="myRatingControl" ></star-rating-comp>
            <pre>{{ form.value | json }}</pre>
export class MyFormComponent {
    form = new FormGroup({
        myRatingControl: new FormControl('')
<!-- app.component.html-->

Component Bindings

Modifier list

  • Label modifier
    • Label text
    • Label position
  • Style modifier
    • Star type
    • Color
    • Size
    • Space
    • Speed
    • Direction
    • Disabled
  • Control modifier
    • Rating
    • Step
    • Number of stars
    • Show half stars
    • Read only
    • Id
    • getColor
    • getHalfStarVisible

Label Modifier

labelText: string (Optional)
The text next to the stars.
Default: undefined

<star-rating-comp [labelText]="'My text!'"></star-rating-comp>

labelPosition: starRatingPosition (Optional)
The position of the label
Options: top, right, bottom, left
Default: left

<star-rating-comp [labelPosition]="'top'"></star-rating-comp>

Style Modifier

starType: starRatingStarTypes (Optional)
The type of start resource to use.
Options: svg, icon Default: svg

<star-rating-comp [starType]="'icon'"></star-rating-comp>

staticColor: starRatingColor (Optional)
Possible color names for the stars.
Options: default, negative, ok, positive
Default: undefined

<star-rating-comp [staticColor]="'positive'"></star-rating-comp>

size: starRatingSizes (Optional)
The height and width of the stars.
Options: small, medium, large
Default: medium

<star-rating-comp [size]="'small'"></star-rating-comp>

space: starRatingStarSpace (Optional)
If the start use the whole space or not. Options: no, between, around Default: no

<star-rating-comp [space]="'around'"></star-rating-comp>

speed: starRatingSpeed (Optional)
The duration of the animation in ms.
Options: immediately, noticeable, slow
Default: noticeable

<star-rating-comp [speed]="'slow'"></star-rating-comp>

direction: string (Optional)
The direction of the stars and label.
Options: rtl, ltr
Default: rtl

<star-rating-comp [direction]="'ltr'"></star-rating-comp>

disabled: boolean (Optional)
The click callback is disabled, colors are transparent
Default: false

<star-rating-comp [disabled]="true"></star-rating-comp>

Control modifier

rating: number (Optional)
The actual star rating value
Default: no

<star-rating-comp [rating]="3"></star-rating-comp>

step: number (Optional)
The step interval of the control
Default: 1

<star-rating-comp [step]="0.5"></star-rating-comp>

numOfStars: number (Optional)
The possible number of stars to choose from
Default: 5

<star-rating-comp [numOfStars]="6"></star-rating-comp>

showHalfStars: boolean (Optional) To show half stars or not
Options: true, false
Default: false

<star-rating-comp [showHalfStars]="true"></star-rating-comp>

readOnly: boolean (Optional)
The click callback is disabled
Default: false

<star-rating-comp [readOnly]="true"></star-rating-comp>

id: string (Optional)
The html id attribute of the star rating
Default: undefined

<star-rating-comp [id]="'my-id'"></star-rating-comp>

getColor: Function (Optional)
Calculation of the color by rating.
Params: rating, number,numOfStars and staticColor
Return: color name

<star-rating-comp [getColor]="ctrl.getColor(rating, numOfStars, staticColor)"></star-rating-comp>

getHalfStarVisible: Function (Optional)
Calculation for adding the "half" class or not, depending on the rating value.
Params: rating
Return: boolean

<star-rating-comp [getHalfStarClass]="ctrl.getHalfStarClass(rating)" [rating]="3.2"></star-rating-comp>


onClick: Function (Optional)
Callback function for star click event Params: $event

<star-rating-comp (onClick)="ctrl.onClick($event)"></star-rating-comp>

onRatingChange: Function (Optional)
Callback function for rating change event Params: $event

<star-rating-comp (onRatingChange)="ctrl.onRatingChange($event)"></star-rating-comp>

hoverEnabled: boolean (Optional)
An or disable hover interaction. Default: false Potions: true, false

<star-rating-comp [hoverEnabled]="true"></star-rating-comp>

onHoverRatingChange: Function (Optional)
Callback function for hoverRating change event Params: $event

<star-rating-comp [hoverEnabled]="true" (onHoverRatingChange)="ctrl.onHoverRatingChange($event)"></star-rating-comp>

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