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    Full Nodejs bindings to the Akismet (https://akismet.com) spam detection service.


    • Typescript support
    • API support for async/await, promises, and callbacks
    • Supports all active versions of node (10 to 16)
    • Supports all Akismet API features
    • Complete set of unit and integration tests
    • Idiomatic JS parameters (with backward compatability)
    • Trusted by many projects (like Coral!)

    Upgrading to 5.0? The docs have changed a fair bit but everything is backward compatible on supported node versions, so you likely don't need to change anything! Check out the changelog.

    These docs below are with ES6 async/await usage, but if you prefer another API you can also use this library with promises or with callbacks!


    $ npm install --save akismet-api

    Creating the Client

    Your blog URL and API key are required by Akismet and are all you will need to get started! For a full list of available client parameters and alternative constructors, check out the client documentation.

    import { AkismetClient } from 'akismet-api'
    const key = 'myKey'
    const blog = 'https://myblog.com'
    const client = new AkismetClient({ key, blog })

    Verifying your Key

    It's a good idea to verify your key before use.

    try {
      const isValid = await client.verifyKey()
      if (isValid) console.log('Valid key!')
      else console.log('Invalid key!')
    } catch (err) {
      console.error('Could not reach Akismet:', err.message)

    Creating a Comment

    A comment, at the bare minimum, must have the commenter's IP and user agent. You can provide more than that for better accuracy and doing so is strongly recommended. The following is a basic example, but see our documentation on the comment data structure for a complete list of fields you can provide.

    const comment = {
      ip: '',
      useragent: 'CommentorsAgent 1.0 WebKit',
      content: 'Very nice blog! Check out mine!',
      email: 'not.a.spammer@gmail.com',
      name: 'John Doe'

    Checking for Spam

    Once you have a comment, we can check it! This tells you if it is spam or not. If Akismet cannot be reached or returns an error, checkSpam will throw an exception.

    try {
      const isSpam = await client.checkSpam(comment)
      if (isSpam) console.log('OMG Spam!')
      else console.log('Totally not spam')
    } catch (err) {
      console.error('Something went wrong:', err.message)

    Submitting False Negatives

    If Akismet reports something as not-spam, but it turns out to be spam anyways, we can report this to Akismet to help improve their accuracy in the future.

    try {
      await client.submitSpam(comment)
      console.log('Spam reported!')
    } catch (err) {
      console.error('Something went wrong:', err.message)

    Submitting False Positives

    If Akismet reports something as spam, but it turns out to not be spam, we can report this to Akismet too.

    try {
      await client.submitHam(comment)
      console.log('Non-spam reported!')
    } catch (err) {
      console.error('Something went wrong:', err.message)


    If you are running integration tests on your app with Akismet, you should set isTest: true in your comments! That way, your testing data won't affect Akismet.

    To run the library's tests, just use npm test. To also run the optional integration tests, include a valid Akismet API key in the AKISMET_KEY environment variable.

    npm test


    Author and maintainer is Chris Foster. Development was sponsored by Two Story Robot


    Released under the MIT license.

    See LICENSE.txt for more information.


    npm i akismet-api

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