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    Cute As Fubuki

    Akaneko is both a SFW and NSFW Wrapper, there's hentais for you perverts to use, however do understand that I'm the only one working on this, and I hand pick images to add, so you may get repeated images! Use it for your Discord Bot, your Self Made Console Waifu, or whatever it is :3

    Discord Server | Repository


    npm install akaneko



    • Updated Typescript for succubus function, thanks Taksumaki ! ~


    • Added Succubus Function (NSFW)
    • Fixed RichEmbed to MessageEmbed (Readme)
    • Removed Loli Function (ToS)



    // Akaneko //
    const akaneko = require('akaneko');
    async function yourFunctionName() {
      // Get SFW Neko Images, uwu //
      console.log("SFW Neko: " + await akaneko.neko());
      // Get Lewd Neko (NSFW), owo //
      console.log("Lewd Neko:" + await akaneko.lewdNeko());
      // Lewd Bomb me onii-san~~ //
      console.log("Lewd Bomb: " + await akaneko.lewdBomb(5));
      // Get other NSFW Images //
      console.log("BDSM: " + await akaneko.nsfw.bdsm());
      console.log("Maid: " + await akaneko.nsfw.maid());
      console.log("Hentai: " + await akaneko.nsfw.hentai());
    // Call your Function! //

    Legacy Function(s)


    akaneko.function() // Format
    akaneko.lewdNeko() // Example
    akaneko.lewdBomb(5) // Meow, I'm Example 2
    Function Description
    lewdNeko NSFW Neko Girls (Cat Girls)
    lewdBomb(n) Sends (n) amount of lewds! :3

    SFW Function(s)


    akaneko.function() // Format
    akaneko.foxgirl() // Awoo!~ Another example!
    akaneko.neko() // Meow! An Example!
    Function Description
    neko SFW Neko Girls (Cat Girls)
    foxgirl SFW Fox Girls (Thanks to @LamkasDev!)

    NSFW Function(s)


    akaneko.nsfw.function() // Format
    akaneko.nsfw.hentai() // Example
    akaneko.nsfw.feet() // Another Example
    Function Description
    ass I know you like anime ass~ uwu
    bdsm If you don't know what it is, search it up
    blowjob Basically an image of a girl sucking on a sharp blade!
    cum Basically sticky white stuff that is usually milked from sharpies.
    doujin Sends a random doujin page imageURL!
    feet So you like smelly feet huh?
    femdom Female Domination?
    foxgirl Girl's that are wannabe foxes, yes
    gifs Basically an animated image, so yes :3
    glasses Girls that wear glasses, uwu~
    hentai Sends a random vanilla hentai imageURL~
    netorare Wow, I won't even question your fetishes.
    maid Maids, Maid Uniforms, etc, you know what maids are :3
    masturbation Solo Queue in CSGO!
    orgy Group Lewd Acts
    panties I mean... just why? You like underwear?
    pussy The genitals of a female, or a cat, you give the meaning.
    school School Uniforms!~ Yatta~!
    succubus Spooky Succubus, oh I'm so scared~ Totally don't suck me~
    tentacles I'm sorry but, why do they look like intestines?
    thighs The top part of your legs, very hot, isn't it?
    uglyBastard The one thing most of us can all agree to hate :)
    uniform Military, Konbini, Work, Nurse Uniforms, etc!~ Sexy~
    yuri Girls on Girls, and Girl's only!<3
    zettaiRyouiki That one part of the flesh being squeeze in thigh-highs~<3

    Wallpaper Function(s)


    akaneko.nsfw.function() // NSFW Format
    akaneko.nsfw.mobileWallpapers() // NSFW Example
    Function Description
    akaneko.mobileWallpapers() Fetch a random SFW Wallpaper! (Mobile)
    akaneko.wallpapers() Fetch a random SFW Wallpaper! (Desktop)
    akaneko.nsfw.mobileWallpapers() Fetch a random NSFW Wallpaper! (Mobile)
    akaneko.nsfw.wallpapers() Fetch a random NSFW Wallpaper! (Desktop)

    How to Resolve Promises

    // Just Calling my dear child, Akaneko //
    const akaneko = require('akaneko');
    // Option 1, using and calling an asyncronous function //
    async function yourFunctionName() {
      console.log(await akaneko.nsfw.maid()); // Output: Some weird long link that you probably will definitely try to open //
    // Don't forget to call your function! //
    // Option 2, Using ".then" //
    akaneko.nsfw.maid().then((imageURL) => {

    Discord Bot Example

    const Discord = require('discord.js');
    const akaneko = require('akaneko');
    // Create New Client //
    const client = new Discord.Client();
    // Bot Settings //
    const settings = {
      prefix: "YOUR_BOT_PREFIX",
      token: 'YOUR_BOT_TOKEN'
    // On "Message" Event! //
    client.on('messageCreate', async (message) => {
      // Checks if message channel is NSFW! //
      if (!message.channel.nsfw) return message.channel.send('Sorry! Not NSFW Channel!');
      // Create New Embed //
      const embed = new Discord.MessageEmbed();
      // Defines Command //
      var command = message.content.toLowerCase().slice(settings.prefix.length).split(' ')[0];
      // Onii-chan, don't reply! //
      if (!message.content.startsWith(settings.prefix) || message.author.bot) return;
      if (command == 'lewdneko') {
        // For Embed //
        embed.setImage(await akaneko.lewdNeko());
        return message.channel.send({ embeds: [embed] });
        // For Plain Text //
        return message.channel.send(await akaneko.lewdNeko());
      } else if (command == 'maid') {
        // For Embed //
        embed.setImage(await akaneko.nsfw.maid());
        return message.channel.send({ embeds: [embed] });
        // For Plain Text //
        return message.channel.send(await akaneko.nsfw.maid());
      // Login to your bot using the bot token! (don't share it!) //

    Thank Yous

    • @HanBao#8443 (For helping make lewdBomb() much more simpler and also much more efficient and fast!)
    • @LamkasDev (Helping create foxgirls() <-- sfw btw, thanks so much!)
    • @taksumaki TypeScript Support!


    I hand picked most of the images from the following: Discord Servers, Konachan, Patreon, Friends sending me, nHentai, etc.


    Discord Server


    npm i akaneko

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