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After Dark

A retro dark theme for Hugo.

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  • Developer Focused: Cross-platform, 1 dependency, single-codebase.
  • Incredibly Fast: ~0.615s average build time and decisecond page loads.
  • Privacy Aware: No cookies, no trackers, no external requests.
  • Securely Designed: Source-level integrity checking and strict content security policy.
  • Advanced Graphics: BPG image support, PhotoSwipe support, aggressive lazy-loading.
  • Easily Customized: Override any theme template to compose your own views.
  • Fuzzy Search: Offline, automatic and no third-parties.
  • Batteries Included: Integrates with Gitea, Kubernetes, Traefik and Fathom Analytics.
  • Extended Builds: Add Sass support to your project and decrease built times.
  • Detailed Docs: Includes example documentation website written using After Dark.



Hugo 0.51+ required. Run make hugo for extended build, or visit Install Hugo for official steps.


The easiest installation method is to run the quick install script:

wget -qO- | sh

Quick Install will ensure the machine is running a supported Hugo version, download the latest signed after-dark release, download the latest signed fractal-forest, and configure a sample After Dark site with welcome post.

By convention After Dark may also be installed as a Hugo Theme Component:

├── static
└── themes
    └── after-dark # git clone or submodule


Run the online help server after installing for After Dark usage instructions:


Also visit the Hugo docs, the Hugo community forum and Stack Overflow.


Run the Upgrade Script to check for updates and upgrade automatically:


Upgrading replaces the file contents of the theme as a whole for security reasons. If you wish to modify the source please create a fork.


Use the Release Validator from https://localhost:1414/validate/ while the online help server is running to verify you're running a PGP-signed and SHA-verified release. Integrity is checked at the source level and may be performed offline. See Release Hashes to learn more.


Thanks to エゴイスト for hack.css; Dan Klammer for bytesize icons; Vincent Prouillet for creating a Zola port of After Dark; the author, maintainers and contributors to hugo; and thanks to the SiliconValley homesteaders on Geocities, and Berkeley Systems, for the design inspiration.


After Dark - A retro dark theme for Hugo.
Copyright (C) 2019  VHS <> (

After Dark is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

See file COPYING for warranty disclaimer and full license text.

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