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Automated Functional Testing (AFT) package providing WebdriverIO-based WebdriverIoComponent extends UiComponent class for use with POM-based UI testing strategies as well as UiSessionGeneratorPlugin implementations for connecting to WebdriverIO's Browser instance.


> npm i aft-ui-webdriverio

Creating your own Components for use in testing

Take the following as an example of how one could interact with the following Android App

Step 1: create the View Component

// wikipedia-view.ts
export class WikipediaView extends WebdriverIoComponent {
    override get locator(): string {
        return '//*';
    private get _searchButton() { return this.getRoot().then(r => r.$("~Search Wikipedia")); }
    private get _searchInput() { return this.driver.$('android=new UiSelector().resourceId("org.wikipedia.alpha:id/search_src_text")'); }
    private get _searchResults() { return this.getRoot().then(r => r.$$("android.widget.TextView")); }
    async searchFor(term: string): Promise<string[]> {
        await"tapping on 'SearchButton'...");
        await this._searchButton.then(b =>;
        await this.sendTextToSearch(term);
        return await this.getResults();
    async sendTextToSearch(text: string): Promise<void> {
        await`setting 'SearchInput' to '${text}'...`);
        await this._searchInput.then(i => i.addValue(text));
    async getResults(): Promise<string[]> {
        await"getting text from 'SearchResults' to return as 'string[]'");
        const resultsText = new Array<string>();
        const searchResults = await this._searchResults;
        for (var i=0; i<searchResults.length; i++) {
            let res = searchResults[i];
            let txt: string = await res.getText().catch(err => null);
            if (txt) { resultsText.push(txt); }
        await`found results of: [${resultsText.join(', ')}]`);
        return resultsText;

Step 2: use them to interact with the mobile application

// wikipedia-app.spec.ts jasmine test using `aft-jasmine-reporter` package
describe('WebdriverIoVerifier', () => {
    it('[C3456][C2345][C1234] can access mobile apps using AFT and UiComponents', async () => {
        const aft = new AftTest();
        await aft.verify(async (v: WebdriverIoVerifier) => {
            await v.reporter.step('get the WikipediaView Facet from the Session...');
            let view: WikipediaView = v.getComponent(WikipediaView);
            await v.reporter.step('enter a search term...');
            await view.searchFor('pizza');
            await v.reporter.step('get the results and ensure they contain the search term...');
            let results: string[] = await view.getResults();
            let contains: boolean = false;
            for (var i=0; i<results.length; i++) {
                let res: string = results[i];
                if (res.toLowerCase().includes('pizza')) {
                    contains = true;
            return contains;
        }, WebdriverIoVerifier).returns(true); // if no results contained the word 'pizza' test fails

aftconfig.json keys and values supported by aft-ui-webdriverio package

this package does not support any additional configuration. see aft-ui for values relevant in the UiSessionConfig

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