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A component for A-Frame that fires events at a specified rhythm, to facilitate building loop-based musical VR applications.


Property Description Default Value
bpm Beats Per Minute. The overall speed of the loop. 80
beatsPerBar The number of beats contained in each bar of the loop. 4
barsPerLoop The number of bars in each loop. 4
startTime How long to wait (in milliseconds) after the page loads before the metronome starts. Can be reassigned to effectively jump to any point in the loop. + 500


Event Description
beat Fires on every beat of the loop, according to the component's bpm property. Contains information about the current beat relative to the current bar, current loop, total beats, etc.
tick Contains roughly the same information as the beat event, but fires more frequently. Each beat is divided into 12 ticks.


Browser Installation

    <title>A Musical A-Frame Scene</title>
    <script src=""></script> 
    <script src=""></script> 
        <a-entity id="clock" metronome="bpm:136;beatsPerBar:8;barsPerLoop:8"></a-entity>

NPM Installation

Install via NPM:

npm install aframe-metronome-component


var clock = document.getElementById('clock')
clock.addEventListener('beat', function(event){
    var ed = event.detail
    if (  (ed.beatInBar % 2 === 1) && (ed.barInLoop !== 1) ) {
        // code in this block will run on every other beat, except during the first bar of each loop 
        // e.g.  
clock.addEventListener('tick', function(event){