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    Additive Animation

    This is a simple npm module which implements additive animation algorithm described here:

    or in this video:

    It combines concurrent animations of the same object into one smooth continuous animation.


    Here it is (I hope you like cats).

    Usage Example

    Let's make smooth scrolling for window. Create animation object and provide the options. You need to provide at least onRender callback:

    var AdditiveAnimation = require('additive-animation');
    function onRender(state) {
      window.scrollTo(0, state.y);
    var animation = new AdditiveAnimation({
      onRender: onRender

    Now call animate method to start animation:

    var fromState = { y: 0 };
    var toState = { y: 1000 };
    var duration = 1000;
    animation.animate(fromState, toState, duration);

    To add new animation with another final state, just call it again:

    fromState = { y: window.scrollTop };
    toState = { y: 2000 };
    animation.animate(fromState, toState, duration);


    animation = new AdditiveAnimation(options)

    Creates animation object. Possible options:

    Name Signature Description
    onRender function(state) (required) a callback for rendering current animation state.
    onFinish function(finalState) Fires after the last animation is completed.
    onCancel function() Fires if animation is canceled.
    enabledRAF bool Use window.requestAnimationFrame in animation loop. True by default. Note: if you use it, you should probably also use some polyfill, like this:
    fps number If RAF is disabled, setTimeout is used in animation loop. Here you can define frequency (60 frames per second by default).

    animation.animate(fromState, toState, duration, easing)

    Animates object state. fromState and toState are expected to be the objects with number values, e.g. { x: 100, y: 200 }. duration is animation duration in milliseconds.

    easing is a function used for easing. It could be a string (name of one of the functions described here: - for example, 'linear' or 'easeInOutQuad') or your own function (assuming it's input and output values are in range [0, 1]). 'easeInOutQuad' by default.


    Returns true if there is an active animation.


    Cancels current animation.


    npm i additive-animation

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