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@zendeskgarden/react-dropdowns.next npm version

This package includes components related to dropdowns in the Garden Design System.


npm install @zendeskgarden/react-dropdowns.next

# Peer Dependencies - Also Required
npm install react react-dom styled-components @zendeskgarden/react-theming



import { ThemeProvider } from '@zendeskgarden/react-theming';
import { Field, Label, Combobox, Option } from '@zendeskgarden/react-dropdowns.next';

 * Place a `ThemeProvider` at the root of your React application
      <Option value="One" />
      <Option value="Two" />
      <Option value="Three" />

Beyond this basic example, Garden's Combobox offers a comprehensive set of WAI-ARIA compliant combobox features. Key capabilities include:

  • Controllable: The Combobox functions in both uncontrolled and controlled modes. Controlled mode enables aspects, such as input value, selection value(s), listbox expansion, and current option active index, to share and adapt to the surrounding UI.
  • Autocomplete-able: Denotes the Combobox with list autocomplete. Filtering implementation is left to the API consumer.
  • Selectable: The Combobox API ensures the selection of one or more listbox option values, while also supporting the W3C no autocomplete example for use cases like search.
  • Multi-selectable: This feature enables the Combobox to provide WAI-ARIA multi-select listbox functionality with option-as-tag value rendering.
  • Non-editable: The Combobox supports select-only mode, where the user cannot modify the <input>.
  • Filterable: The Combobox offers various filtering methods for listbox options. Details of the filtering implementation are left to the API consumer.
  • Markup-able: The Combobox can convert input value text to rich HTML markup on blur in single-selection mode.
  • Decorate-able: The Combobox allows adding start and end media (SVG icons). Certain features will replace end media with Garden's standard dropdown chevron treatment.
  • Group-able: The Combobox API utilizes fully accessible <OptGroup> components for grouping, similar to the corresponding HTML element.
  • Compactible: Like other form elements, the Combobox supports compact sizing.
  • Field-able: The Combobox builds on Garden’s Field API context to establish accessible relationships with corresponding Label, Hint, and Message components.
  • Validate-able: The Combobox provides validation styling and accessibility comparable to other Garden form components.
  • RTL theme-able: Functionality displays and operates correctly for left-to-right and right-to-left layouts.


import { ThemeProvider } from '@zendeskgarden/react-theming';
import { Menu, Item } from '@zendeskgarden/react-dropdowns.next';

 * Place a `ThemeProvider` at the root of your React application
  <Menu button="Choose an item">
    <Item value="item-01" label="One" />
    <Item value="item-02" label="Two" />
    <Item value="item-03" label="Three" />

Visit storybook for live examples.

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