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    @zendeskgarden/react-dropdowns npm version

    This package includes components relating to dropdowns in the Garden Design System.


    npm install @zendeskgarden/react-dropdowns
    # Peer Dependencies - Also Required
    npm install react react-dom styled-components @zendeskgarden/react-theming

    Basic Example

    import { ThemeProvider } from '@zendeskgarden/react-theming';
    import { Dropdown, Menu, Item, Trigger } from '@zendeskgarden/react-dropdowns';
     * Place a `ThemeProvider` at the root of your React application
      <Dropdown onSelect={value => console.log(`Selected: ${value}`)}>
          <button>This triggers a menu</button>
        <Menu placement="end" hasArrow>
          <Item value="option-1">Option 1</Item>
          <Item value="option-2">Option 2</Item>
          <Item value="option-3">Option 3</Item>

    For all components within the react-dropdowns package, the menu layouts and implementations are interchangeable.

    Whether you're making a Select, Autocomplete, or a traditional Menu the <Menu> implementation will adapted to its consumer.



    The react-dropdowns package abstracts the common concepts of Menus, Selects, and Autocompletes into a common API. This includes consistent visuals, common keyboard interaction, and a fully accessible experience for sighted and non-sighted users.

    The customizations available within this can be broken into two groups: placement / positioning and dropdown state

    Placement / Positioning

    Internally, the <Dropdown> component uses PopperJS for its positioning calculations.

    The <Menu> component accepts all customizations regarding placement, boundaries, overflows, etc. via the popperModifiers prop.

    /** Customize default overflow settings to position against the `viewport` */
    <Menu popperModifiers={{ preventOverflow: { boundariesElement: 'viewport' } }}>
      <Item value="item-1">Item 1</Item>
      <Item value="item-2">Item 2</Item>
      <Item value="item-3">Item 3</Item>

    Dropdown State

    We use the Downshift render-prop library to handle our keyboard and accessibility logic.

    The following states can be controlled directly from the <Dropdown> component:

    • isOpen Whether the dropdown is currently open
    • highlightedIndex Which index is currently highlighted
    • inputValue The value of the input when it's used as an Autocomplete
    • selectedItem The currently selected item
    • selectedItems The currently selected items

    All other customizations may be provided directly to the Downshift provider via the downshiftProps prop.

    Downshift provides several advanced customization features that can be very helpful when customizing this component. The stateReducer pattern is a common customization strategy.

    Server Side Rendering

    If you are using server side rendering you may need to configure specific Downshift settings. This package re-exports the Downshift resetIdCounter utility. It allows resetting the internal id counter which is used to generate unique ids for Downshift.


    npm i @zendeskgarden/react-dropdowns

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