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    color picker demo video

    Minimal, 5KB Color-Picker in Vanila-js

    ⚠️ Supported only in modern browsers

    • Carefully crafted as lightweight as possible
    • Mousewheel-suppored range silders
    • Minimal UX for smallest screen footprint
    • Supported color formats: x11 color codes, hexa, rgba, hsla
    • Positioning-engine not included. Use your own, or one suggested below
    • Optional color swatches:
      • pre-determined values (un-removable)
      • custom color add/remove swatch
      • optional global sync with localstorage between picker instances

    This color-picker component is basesd on my previous work with highly customizable range input (slider) component: UI-Range and the power of HSLA color format infused into custom CSS properties (variables) to allow as lightweight solution as possible.

    I have hand-crafted the color transformation functions to be as lightweight as possible, and kept the UI to the minimum necessary to provide the user with a better, unified, color-picking experience which I believe is better than the default <input type=color> which looks different across browsers and OS, and does not alow modifications to a color's alpha (opacity) channel.

    Since this component is only the color picker itself, it is up to developers to connect it to a position script, if they wish to use it as a popup when some other thing is clicked on the page. An example of such can be seen in the demo page and below, on the last section.


    npm i @yaireo/color-picker


    const cPicker = new ColorPicker({
      // accepted formats: HEX(A), RGB(A), HSL(A), X11 color name
      color: 'red',
      // default rendered textual represention format
      // default: 'hex'
      defaultFormat: 'hex',
      // initial class name for the component's wrapper element
      // default: ''
      className: 'hidden',
      // to disable, set "false" instead of an Array
      // default: []
      swatches: ['red', '#666', 'rgba(10,20,30,.5)'],
      // saves colors for persistance and cross-usage between picker instances
      // default: false
      swatchesLocalStorage: true,
      // buttons text & icon
      buttons: {
        undo   : { icon: '↶', title: 'Undo' },
        add    : { icon: '+', title: 'Add to Swatches' },
        format : { icon: '⇆', title: 'Switch Color Format' }
      // fired rapidly, on every range slider movement or any color change
      // like "onInput", but not fired while a range slider is moved
      // helpful when the component is used as a popup


    In the below example the color picker is used as a popup. Since this component was designed as bare-minimum, it has no internal positioning-system and can be pluged with one, for example, the excellent, lightweight nanopop.

    In the below example, the color-picker is being bound to an input element, so when the color-picker is being changes, so will the other input.

    <script src=""></script>
    <input class='myColor' value='gold' style='--color:gold' />
    const resizeObserver = new ResizeObserver(entries => {
      // only re-position the color picker if its not hidden
      if( !cPicker.DOM.scope.classList.contains('hidden') )
        NanoPop.reposition( myColor, cPicker.DOM.scope )
    const cPicker = new ColorPicker({
      color: myColor.value, // use the input element's value
      className: 'hidden', // start as hidden
      swatches: ['white', '#000', 'rgba(255,0,0,.3)'],
        let action = 'add'
        // if clicked on the input element, toggle picker's visibility
        if( == myColor ){
          NanoPop.reposition( myColor, cPicker.DOM.scope )
          action = 'toggle'
        // if "escape" key was pressed, add the "hidden" class
        if( e.key == 'Escape' )
          action = 'add'
        myColor.value = color;'--color', color)
    // add the color picker to the DOM
    // position the color picker next to the input element
    NanoPop.reposition( myColor, cPicker.DOM.scope )
    // re-position on window resize

    Helper methods exported alongside the default ColorPicker

    Name Parameters Info
    any_to_hex String Converts any color string to hex format
    hex_rgba String Converts Hex to RGBA format
    rgba_hsla String Converts RGBA to HSLA format
    CSStoHSLA String Converts CSS-string HSLA to an HSLA javascript Object
    HSLAtoCSS String Converts HSLA Object to CSS-string
    changeColorFormat color string, format string Converts any color string to another color format string

    Methods (ColorPicker instance)

    Name Parameters Info
    setColor String Sets the instance color
    getColorFormat String Gets the format of a color string: hex, rgba or hsla


    npm i @yaireo/color-picker

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