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    WunderGraph SDK

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    What is WunderGraph?

    The simplicity of RPC with the power of GraphQL; WunderGraph is an open-source framework that allows you to quickly build end-to-end (client-to-server) type-safe APIs on any backend.

    What is WunderGraph SDK?

    The WunderGraph SDK is the easiest way to configure your WunderGraph applications. It's written in TypeScript and allows you to configure every aspect of your WunderGraph applications via Code.

    WunderGraph follows best practices for infrastructure as code. Instead of complex configurations via graphical user interfaces, WunderGraph applications are primarily configured using code.

    Your configuration can be stored alongside your application code in the .wundergraph directory, keeping your application code and the API configurations in sync.

    Using your CI-CD system of choice, you can deploy your WunderGraph APIs at the same time you're deploying your application code. Go from development to production without touching a single button; simply git push and everything gets deployed.

    The WunderGraph SDK works best in combination with the WunderGraph CLI, wunderctl, the Command Line Interface to initialize and run your local WunderGraph dev environment.

    Getting Started

    First, initialise your WunderGraph application with the following command:

    npx create-wundergraph-app <project-name> -E simple

    You should now have an NPM package and a .wundergraph folder. This folder contains the following files:

    • wundergraph.config.ts — The primary config file for your WunderGraph application. Add data sources and more.
    • wundergraph.operations.ts — Configure authentication, caching, and more for one specific or all operations.
    • wundergraph.server.ts — The hooks server that allows you to hook into different lifecycle events of your gateway.

    After configuring your data sources, you can start writing operations. An operation is just a *.graphql file, and the name of the file will be the operation name. You can write queries, mutations, and subscriptions that span multiple data sources. Each operation will be exposed securely via JSON-RPC-API through the WunderGraph gateway. After writing your operations, you can start deploying your WunderGraph application.

    For a more thorough introduction To WunderGraph, please visit the architecture documentation. Our general documentation can also be found here.


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