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      npm i @webmethodsio/wmiocli -g

    NOTE: On Windows OS use default command prompt.

    BREAKING CHANGES: We have removed the logger.log API use this.$log(params) inside your action for debugging.

    Issue On Windows [ISSUE]:


    Get Started wmio connector builder is a Command Line Interface tool for wmio. It lets you build your own connectors for wmio. Using wmio connector builder you can deploy your connector to and share it with others.


    Following are the commands which wmio connector builder supports.


    Use this command to display all the connectors created by current user.

      // command options -f or --filter="published=true"
      wmio connectors

    Sample Output:

    | App Name  |      Version    |      created_at          |
    |---------- |-----------------| -------------------------|
    | Github    |   1.0           | 2017-06-19T14:22:23.485Z |
    | Facebook  |   2.0           | 2017-06-20T11:11:24.485Z |
    | Gmail     |   2.0           | 2017-06-23T10:03:22.485Z |


    Use this command to add an authentication for your connector.

      wmio auth


    Use this command to add a new trigger, action, lookup.

      wmio create trigger new_push
      wmio create action create_user
      wmio create lookup list_users


    Use this command for building and deploying the connector on

      wmio deploy


    Use this command for download a zip file of your connector.

      wmio download


    Use this command to list all the commands you can use.

      wmio help

    Sample Output:

    |  Command    |    Example                           |                      Info                                  |
    |----------   |--------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------|
    | connectors  |   wmio connectors                    | Lists all the connectors of the current user               |
    | auth        |   wmio auth                          | Adds an authentication for your connector                  |
    | create      |   wmio create trigger trigger_name   | Adds a new trigger, action and lookup                      |
    | deploy      |   wmio deploy                        | Builds and deploys connector on              |
    | download    |   wmio download                      | Downloads zip of your connector                            |
    | help        |   wmio help                          | Lists all the commands                                     |
    | init        |   wmio init example                  | Initializes a new connector                                |
    | login       |   wmio login                         | Login to wmio account                        |
    | logout      |   wmio logout                        | Logout from wmio account                     |
    | versions    |   wmio versions                      | Lists all the versions of your current connector           |
    | oauth       |   wmio oauth deploy                  | Deploy custom user oauth to wmio             |
    | attach      |   wmio attach lookup                 | To attach lookup in any specific actions or triggers field |
    | detach      |   wmio detach lookup                 | To detach lookup in any specific actions or triggers field |
    | postman     |   wmio postman [file.json]           | To import action from postman collection exported json     |
    | swagger     |   wmio swagger [swagger.json|yaml]   | To import action from swagger file                         |
    | migrate     |   wmio migrate                       | To migrate a connector to other region                     |


    Use this command to create an initial project.

      wmio init [path] [foldername] --template=minimal
      wmio init example
    • Options
      • template - Optional template argument. Default minimal


    Use this command for configuring your deploy key and logging into

      wmio login
      // or
      wmio login developer_key


    Use this command for deleting access token from your home directory.

      wmio logout


    Use this command for displaying all the versions and their status of the current connector.

      wmio versions

    Sample Output:

    | App name  |   Version     |  Status   |
    |---------- |:------------: |-----------|
    | Github    |      1        | Published |
    |           |      2        | Pending   |


    To import all swagger api calls as an action in connector.

      wmio swagger <swagger file path>


    To deploy custom user oauth to

      wmio oauth deploy

    attach lookup

    To attach lookup in any specific action's or trigger's input field.

      wmio attach lookup

    detach lookup

    To detach lookup in any specific action's or trigger's input field.

      wmio detach lookup


    To create actions from postman collections exported json

      wmio postman [box-exported-v2.1.json]


    Short hand for wmio create action action_name

      wmio action action_name command


    Short hand for wmio create trigger trigger_name

      wmio trigger trigger_name


    Short hand for wmio create lookup lookup_name

      wmio lookup lookup_name


    To test and run your action/triggers/auth locally provided you fill the mock_input in your action/trigger/file. By default port 8088 is used for listening webhook events you can change the port by setting ENV variable i.e (linux) PORT=9099 wmio test | (windows) set PORT=9099


    Displays current logged in user information.


    Unpublishes the connector which is published or global and it's respective actions/triggers will not be visible.


    Migrates the connector you own to other account in different region.

    wmio migrate


    npm i @webmethodsio/wmiocli

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