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    Vuex ORM

    Vuex ORM Plugin: Soft Delete

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    Vuex ORM Soft Delete plugin adds soft delete capabilities to Vuex ORM models.

    The plugin allows models to be soft deleted or "trashed" without actually removing them from the entity data set. Subsequently, when executing queries, the soft deleted models will be excluded from results. Using query modifiers, queries can be instructed to inclusively or exclusively retrieve soft deletes.

    // Model action example...
    // Instance action example...
    const user = User.find(1)
    await user.$softDelete()
    // Query integration example...


    Vuex ORM is sponsored by awesome folks. Big love to all of them from whole Vuex ORM community 💕

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    You can check out the full documentation for Vuex ORM Plugin: Soft Delete at

    Questions & Discussions

    Join us on our Slack Channel for any questions and discussions.

    Although there is the Slack Channel, do not hesitate to open an issue for any question you might have. We're always more than happy to hear any feedback, and we don't care what kind of form they are.

    Quick Start

    Here's a quick start guide to demonstrate how the Soft Delete plugin can be integrated effortlessly.

    Install the plugin

    Install the plugin with npm or Yarn. Ensure the latest version of Vuex ORM is installed.

    npm install @vuex-orm/core @vuex-orm/plugin-soft-delete
    # OR
    yarn add @vuex-orm/core @vuex-orm/plugin-soft-delete

    Register the plugin

    Register the plugin using the VuexORM.use method. Furthermore, you may configure the plugin with options.

    import VuexORM from '@vuex-orm/core'
    import VuexORMSoftDelete from '@vuex-orm/plugin-soft-delete'


    Vuex ORM can be extended via plugins to add additional features. Here is a list of available plugins.


    We are excited that you are interested in contributing to Vuex ORM Soft Delete! Anything from raising an issue, submitting an idea of a new feature, or making a pull request is welcome!


    yarn build

    Compile files and generate bundles in dist directory.

    yarn lint

    Lint files using a rule of Standard JS.

    yarn test

    Run the test using Jest.

    yarn test:watch

    Run the test in watch mode.

    yarn coverage

    Generate test coverage in coverage directory.


    Vuex ORM Soft Delete is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.


    npm i @vuex-orm/plugin-soft-delete

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