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    An unprotected bi-directional linked list. Useful for implementing other collections or for managing custom nodes (links).

    If you are looking for a protected and value focused linked list:


    This class is useful for managing a list of linked nodes, but it does not protect against modifying individual links. If the consumer modifies a link (sets the previous or next value) it will effectively break the collection.

    It is possible to declare a node type of any kind as long as it contains a previous and next value that can reference another node. Although not as safe as a protected linked list, this class has less overhead and is more flexible.

    The count (or length) of this LinkedNodeList is tracked as .unsafeCount and calling .getCount() will iterate the list.

    A perfect example of the use of LinkedNodeList is with LinkedList as it uses it for its internal collection.


    npm i @tsdotnet/linked-node-list

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