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ISO3166 Converter

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Converting country codes from one format to another

This library provides a simple way to convert country codes from ISO3166-1 alpha-2 to alpha-3 and vice versa. It follows the ISO 3166 Standard.

Installation and usage instructions

First you must install the package into your repository.

yarn add @trustedshops-public/js-iso3166-converter
# or
npm install @trustedshops-public/js-iso3166-converter

After a successful installation you can start using it in your code.

Converting from ISO2 to ISO3

With convertIso2ToIso3 you can convert a country code "DE" into "DEU".

import { convertIso2ToIso3 } from "@trustedshops-public/js-iso3166-converter";

const iso3 = convertIso2ToIso3("DE");

Converting from ISO3 to ISO2

Like the one before, but the other way around. You can convert "DEU" to "DE".

import { convertIso3ToIso2 } from "@trustedshops-public/js-iso3166-converter";

const iso2 = convertIso3ToIso2("DEU");

Detect ISO format

If you don't know the format of the country code, you can use detectIsoFormat to find out. It will return either "ISO2" or "ISO3".

import { detectIsoFormat } from "@trustedshops-public/js-iso3166-converter";

const isoFormat = detectIsoFormat("DEU");

Convert ISO format

We also export a wrapper function convertIso that combines convertIso3ToIso2 and convertIso2ToIso3 into one function. It will automatically detect the format of the country code and convert it to the other format.

import { convertIso } from "@trustedshops-public/js-iso3166-converter";

const iso2 = convertIso("DEU");
const iso3 = convertIso("DE");

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