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@trademe/observabuild - RXJS powered build coordinator

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Allows you to run build tasks in serial or parallel, and chain tasks together. Formats output automatically for console or TeamCity depending on environment. Stops running child processes on error.


const { Build, log, node, parallel, step, yarn } = require('@trademe/observabuild');
new Build()
            yarn({ command: 'test:delay', name: 'Async One', prefix: 'Async1' }),
            node({ command: './test/delay.js', name: 'Async Two', prefix: 'Async2' })
        step(task => {
            task.log('starting long running task');
            if (someLongRunningTask())
                task.done('finished long running task');
                task.error('task failed');
        }, { name: 'Long running task', prefix: 'Three' }),
        log('Build succeeded')