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    FTI Group Icon Font

    Icon font for projects of FTI Group.

    This demo page will show all icons of the latest version of this package.


    There are different ways to use this font ...

    npm package

    If you want to use the npm package just install with npm

    $ npm install @tourstream/fti-group-icon-font --save

    or with yarn

    $ yarn add @tourstream/fti-group-icon-font

    After this step you can use the sources as you like. They can be found in ./node_modules/@tourstream/fti-group-icon-font/dist

    📌 npm include only versioned packages.

    link the source - CDN at Google Cloud Storage (GCS)

    You can put the following snippet into the head of your HTML document ...

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="">

    ... or something similar.

    📌 GCS include versioned packages and the latest version of master branch.


    • checkout/update repository
    • add SVG into folder src
    • run the following command npm run build
    • commit (incl. short meaningful message)



    For feature branch deployment use Bamboo (Plan: FTI Group Icon Font). A branch is available on Bamboo after the branch is created on Github.<BRANCH-NAME>/fti-group-icon-font.html

    How to update GCS

    This will happen automatically. You have nothing to do.

    How to update npm

    To trigger the publish to npm registry you have to call the following command:

    $ npm version minor

    The build server (travis) will now update the version of the package to the next minor version and publish new npm package.


    Requirements for development

    • git
    • github account incl. membership of tourstream organization
    • Node.js >= 8.6.0

    Rules for SVG file names

    • file name: kebap-case
    • file name: letters only
    • file name: limiter -

    This file name will be also the class name inside of CSS.

    Example: file name hello-world.svg and CSS usage <i class="fg-hello-world"></i>




    npm i @tourstream/fti-group-icon-font

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