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React higher-order component (HOC) to provide context for the currently matched media query.

Getting Started

npm i -S react-media-context


import React from 'react'
import MediaContext from 'react-media-context'

const Title = (props, context) => {
  const { media } = context
  let fontSize = 32
  if (media.indexOf('large') > -1) {
    fontSize = 64

  const style = {

  return (
    <h1 style={style}>
      Responsive Heading

Title.contextTypes = {
  media: React.PropTypes.array

class App extends React.Component {
  render () {
      <Title />
// Higher order component example
import React from 'react'
import { connectMediaContext } from 'react-media-context'

const MyComponent = () => {
  /* ... */

export default connectMediaContext()(MyComponent)

The media array provided through React context is a list of keys from the queries object. The default keys are xsmall, small, medium, and large.

How is this different from x?

Most other responsive React HOCs tend to work on the principle of showing and hiding children based on media queries. With this component, you can alter styling and functionality of components responsively.

This could be handy for:

  • Changing font sizes based on the viewport width
  • Changing margin or padding
  • Grid systems
  • Dramatically altering page layout
  • Using different routing flows
  • Changing image sources based on pixel density (but, srcset is probably a better option)


Pass a configuration object as the first argument to connectMediaContext to change the default breakpoints.

// Example config
const MediaContext = connectMediaContext({
  queries: {
    mobile: 'screen and (max-width:52em)',
    desktop: 'screen and (min-width:52em)'
// Default breakpoints
  'xsmall': 'screen and (max-width: 40em)',
  'small': 'screen and (min-width: 40em)',
  'medium': 'screen and (min-width: 52em)',
  'large': 'screen and (min-width: 64em)'

MIT License

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