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🧬 Collection of JavaScript helper functions and structures

⭐ Features

  • VectorClock - Vector clock data structure used for synchronization in distributed systems
  • EventEmitter - fast implementation of EventEmitter compatible with NodeJS & Browser
  • Broadcast - utility used for providing broadcasting interface on top of EventEmitter
  • LSystem - Lindenmayer system structure used for modeling the morphology of a variety of organisms.
  • ObjectPool - Creational design pattern for reusing object instances and save GC time.
  • PriorityQueue - Ordered queue data structure.
  • env(key, defaultValue, type) - NodeJS helper function for reading environment variable
  • generateId(length) - function for generating unique identifier
  • toHex(value) - function for converting number to hexadecimal string
  • bufferToHex(buffer) - function for converting Uint8Array to hexadecimal string
  • hextToBuffer(hex) - function for converting hexadecimal string to Uint8Array
  • Color - Material design color palette
  • formatByteSize - Format byte size to human readable string
  • JSONSchema - Schema is extensible structure for validating JSON objects.

🚀 Getting started

npm install --save @toolcase/base


The project is licensed under MIT License

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