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A React-admin data provider for backends built with Django REST Framework


To use this you have to be on react-admin v2.x or similar (it still does not support major v3.x)


npm install --save ra-data-drf


// in App.js
import React from 'react';
import { Admin, Resource } from 'react-admin';
import drfProvider from 'ra-data-drf';
import { UserList } from './users';

const App = () => (
    <Admin dataProvider={drfProvider('http://path.to.api/')}>
        <Resource name="users" list={UserList} />

export default App;


This package was built to work with the default configurations of a Django app using Django REST Framework. It currently supports:


This data provider translates react-admin's sorting requests from sort=["field","ASC"] and sort=["field","DESC"] to ordering=field and ordering=-field, respectively. react-admin only allows sorting by one column at a time, so multi-column sorting is NOT supported (even though DRF supports it).

It's intended to work with DRF's OrderingFilter, but it should work with any other sorting solution as long as it uses the same query string parameter and format.


This data provider implements pagination using the page and page_size query string parameters, indicating the range of results we're requesting and the number of results we're expecting in the response, respectively. In order to render correctly, react-admin needs to know the total amount of results, which we can get from the count value included in the default response from DRF.

It's intended to work with DRF's PageNumberPagination, but it should work with any other pagination solution as long as it uses the same query string parameters and the response includes either a count value or a Content-range header with the total number of results.


Apart from those already mentioned, every other query string parameter will be considered as a filter by DRF. This is intended to work with django-filter's DjangoFilterBackend, but it should work with any other filtering solution that uses query string parameters as filters.

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