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    See techdocs-cli usage docs.


    NOTE: When we build techdocs-cli it copies the output techdocs-cli-embedded-app bundle into the packages/techdocs-cli/dist which is then published with the @techdocs/cli npm package.


    # From the root of this repository run
    # NOTE: This will build the techdocs-cli-embedded-app and copy the output into the cli dist directory
    yarn workspace @techdocs/cli build
    # Now execute the binary
    # ... or as a shell alias in ~/.zshrc or ~/.zprofile or ~/.bashrc or similar
    export PATH=/path/to/backstage/packages/techdocs-cli/bin:$PATH

    If you want to test live test changes to the packages/techdocs-cli-embedded-app you can serve the app and run the CLI using the following commands:

    # Open a shell to the techdocs-cli-embedded-app directory
    cd packages/techdocs-cli-embedded-app
    # Run the techdocs-cli-embedded-app using dev mode
    yarn start
    # In another shell use the techdocs-cli from the root of this repo
    yarn techdocs-cli:dev [...options]

    Using an example docs project

    For the purpose of local development, we have created an example documentation project. You are of course also free to create your own local test site - all it takes is a docs/ and an mkdocs.yml in a directory.

    cd packages/techdocs-cli/src/example-docs
    # To get a view of your docs in Backstage, use:
    techdocs-cli serve
    # To view the raw mkdocs site (without Backstage), use:
    techdocs-cli serve:mkdocs


    E2E tests

    Running unit tests requires mkdocs to be installed locally:

    pip install mkdocs
    pip install mkdocs-techdocs-core

    Then run yarn test.

    Cypress (Integration and Visual regression) tests

    Running cypress tests requires you to run the CLI locally against our example docs.

    Run the local version of techdocs-cli against the example docs:

    # From the root of this repository run
    # NOTE: This will build the techdocs-cli-embedded-app and copy the output into the cli dist directory
    yarn build --scope @techdocs/cli
    # Navigate to the example project
    cd packages/techdocs-cli/src/example-docs
    # Now execute the techdocs-cli serve command
    ../../bin/techdocs-cli serve

    In another shell, run the cypress tests:

    # From the root of the project, navigate to the techdocs-cli package
    cd packages/techdocs-cli
    # Run tests
    yarn test:cypress

    This will launch a cypress app where you can run the two different tests:

    • backstage_serve - will run against the backstage server
    • mkdocs_serve - will run test against the mkdocs server

    If its the first time you run Cypress, it will run a "Verifying Cypress can run" step. This step can result in a "Cypress verification timed out" error. If that is the case, let the verification step run and then run the command again and it should succeed.


    npm i @techdocs/cli


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