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A free open-source CMS(content management system) and forum script that allows you to showcase your website by using a custom made themes and plugins. This also includes easy configuration and easy way to make your own plugins. This uses JSON database (no SQL required) to make it easier to read the database. You can also have collaborations with…


  • Easy drag-and-drop blocks to make your website
  • In-app mailing server (@webpress.com).
  • Simple plugin and theme that can be configured and changed.
  • JSON flat-file format
  • Good Security, includes: filehash, over 3 layers of hashing/encryption, easy tracking, function allowabilty.
  • File Management/Editor
  • In-app documentation
  • Custom roles
  • Add toolkit
  • Multiple Language support
  • Custom logo/title
  • SEO tools
  • icon listing
  • in-app fourm
  • Custom DateTime
  • 3 editors (bbcode, markdown, and WYSIWYG)
  • Console, shows top X error/warnings you can check for any pervious problems.
  • Sitemap - fixing
  • Feed
  • Mobile friendly
  • Authorization key (for admin's)


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How to install

Download ZIP folder take the WebPress Folder and insert it into your ROOT folder and go to {yourdomain}/WebPress, then click register to create account.

Note: First Regsiered account is set to Admin, others will become members

Admins/Members/Moderators panels

The panels are the same looks for everyone, but some functions will not be accessable, unlike admins the see every tab, where if a member would just get a page not found error.


This project is supported on multiple servers

This includes .htaccess for Apache

  • Apache(recommend)
  • PHP>=7.4
  • GD
  • JSON
  • mbstring
  • openssl
  • curl
  • zip
  • ftp
  • fileinfo

updating versions

  1. Backup your data so nothing gets destroyed.
  2. Delete the "old version" folder entirely.
  3. Once done, register a new account for any changes.
  4. Reload your data back onto the data and config folder (Backups can be done, using the backup plugin)

For more documentation:

Go to your dashboard, and click documentation

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