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Prerequisites to Build from Source

NPM packages are available but if you would like to compile DIDKit yourself (e.g. to enable different cryptographic backends) you will need the WASM compiler toolchain as well as a specific build tool:

$ rustup target add wasm32-unknown-unknown
$ cargo install wasm-pack
# OR
# $ curl https://rustwasm.github.io/wasm-pack/installer/init.sh -sSf | sh

Installation and Usage


WASM can be used in Node.js (any recent version):

$ npm i @spruceid/didkit-wasm-node

Or build it from source:

$ wasm-pack build --target nodejs

Web Frameworks (Bundled)

WASM can be used with web frameworks and bundlers like Webpack:

$ npm i @spruceid/didkit-wasm

Or build it from source:

$ wasm-pack build

If Webpack doesn't work with the default configuration, you can have a look at our configuration for tzprofiles.

Vanilla Javascript

WASM can be used with plain Javascript with newer browsers. As it cannot be used as a NPM package you have to build it manually:

$ wasm-pack build --target web

The manual tests in test/ serve as an example on how to import DIDKit.


The test/ directory contains manual tests to run in the browser. Instructions are in the README of the directory.

Non-Default Compilation

The current version of the ring crate does not provide all the symbols needed to run on the browser, see DEPS.md

To compile all features plus wasm32_c on ring, a C compiler is needed, see spruceid/ssi:

On Ubuntu this one option is to install clang and llvm:

sudo apt install clang-10 llvm-10

Then to compile with all features:

TARGET_CC=clang-10 TARGET_AR=llvm-ar-10 wasm-pack build --out-dir pkg

To use a custom subset of features:

wasm-pack build --out-dir pkg -- --no-default-features --features=issue        # issue credential/presentation
wasm-pack build --out-dir pkg -- --no-default-features --features=verify       # verify credential/presentation
wasm-pack build --out-dir pkg -- --no-default-features --features=credential   # issue/verify credential
wasm-pack build --out-dir pkg -- --no-default-features --features=presentation # issue/verify presentation

don't forget to add TARGET_CC and TARGET_AR if using ring with wasm32_c




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