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    The current version of the ring crate does not provide all the symbols needed to run on the browser, see

    To install wasm-pack run:

    cargo install wasm-pack

    To compile all features plus wasm32_c on ring, a C compiler is needed, see spruceid/ssi:

    On Ubuntu this one option is to install clang and llvm:

    sudo apt install clang-10 llvm-10

    Then to compile with all features:

    TARGET_CC=clang-10 TARGET_AR=llvm-ar-10 wasm-pack build --target web --out-dir pkg/wasm

    To use a custom subset of features:

    wasm-pack build --target web --out-dir pkg/wasm -- --no-default-features --features=issue        # issue credential/presentation
    wasm-pack build --target web --out-dir pkg/wasm -- --no-default-features --features=verify       # verify credential/presentation
    wasm-pack build --target web --out-dir pkg/wasm -- --no-default-features --features=credential   # issue/verify credential
    wasm-pack build --target web --out-dir pkg/wasm -- --no-default-features --features=presentation # issue/verify presentation

    don't forget to add TARGET_CC and TARGET_AR if using ring with wasm32_c

    ASM target

    For the ASM target the wasm2js build is necessary, to get this tool follow the steps in binaryen.

    To compile all features for WASM target:

    wasm-pack build --target web --out-dir pkg/wasm
    npm --prefix loader/wasm install
    npm --prefix loader/wasm run build

    To compile all features for ASM target, assuming you're in this folder:

    wasm-pack build --target bundler --out-dir pkg/asmjs
    cd pkg/asmjs
    $(BINARYEN_ROOT)/bin/wasm2js --pedantic -o didkit_wasm_bg1.js didkit_wasm_bg.wasm
    cd ../..
    cd loader/asmjs
    npm install
    npm run build

    WASM tests

    loader/wasm contains tests. To run them you need to serve the files and open the page in a browser (you can then see the results in the console). You can start a server with

    $ npm run serve




    npm i @spruceid/didkit-wasm

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