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Use the HTML Dialog element (requires polyfill for certain browsers). See See

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npm install --save @snowcoders/react-dialog save-prefix ~

Parent Library

This component is part of a larger components library, react-ui-base. The goal is to keep all the core logic and base css styles in a single location, that way building out new UI component libraries cheaper and faster (and less buggy).

We highly recommend visiting the react-ui-base repository to understand how to customize the css along with see examples.

You can also view all the components on our demo site

This component

This component renders it's children in a HTMLDivElement centered within the entire page. Other features provided by this component:

  • Tabbing within the dialog component will stay within the dialog component
  • Clicking the background will fire onBackgroundClick allowing you to close the dialog
  • Pressing the Escape key will also run the onBackgroundClick
  • When the dialog closes, it will set the active element back to whatever it was before it opened

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