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    A better way to use storage (strong typing, namespacing, ttl, etc).



    • Supports LocalStorage, SessionStorage, Wechat Mini-Program, QQ Mini-Progam, Alipay Mini-Program, Baidu Smart-Program, ByteDance Micro-App, and supports custom adapters to adapt to other environments.

    • Supports namespacing. Data stored in different namespaces are isolated from each other.

    • Supports setting TTL values for auto expiring stored keys.

    • Supports strong typing (based on JSON).

    • Supports synchronous and asynchronous API both.

    • Supports TypeScript.



    npm install @skit/storage


    /* require */
    const $$storage = require('@skit/storage');
    /* import */
    import $$storage from '@skit/storage';


    /* set a string data under key */
    $$storage.set('key', 'value');
    /* set a number data under key */
    $$storage.set('key', 1);
    /* set an object data under key */
    $$storage.set('key', { value: 'object' });
    /* get and parse data stored under key */
    let val = $$storage.get('key'); // 会自动尝试反序列化回写入时的类型
    /* get default value if the key does not exist */
    let val = $$storage.get('key', 'default value');
    /* check whether the key exists */
    let flag = $$storage.has('key');
    /* remove key and its data */
    /* clear all keys */


    /* batch set */
    $$storage.setAll({ key1: 'val1', key2: 'val2' });
    /* batch get */
    let item = $$storage.getAll(['key1', 'key2']); // { key1: 'val1', key2: 'val2' }
    /* batch remove */
    $$storage.removeAll(['key1', 'key2']);
    /* get all keys */
    $$storge.keys(); // ['key1', 'key2']


    /* set value and TTL at the same time */
    $$storage.set('key', 'val', { ttl: 1000 });
    /* set value, and set a relative expiration time  */
    $$storage.set('key', 'val');
    $$storage.ttl('key', 1000);
    /* set an absolute expiration time */
    $$storage.ttl('key', new Date('2020-12-31 23:59:59'));
    /* set to not expire */
    $$storage.ttl('key', -1);
    /* get TTL */
    $$storage.ttl('key'); // `null` means never expire


    /* create two namespaces */
    let storage1 = $$storage.create({ namespace: 'ns1' });
    let storage2 = $$storage.create({ namespace: 'ns1' });
    /* allow keys with the same name in different namespaces */
    storage1.set('key', 'val1');
    storage2.set('key', 'val2');
    storage1.get('key'); // val1
    storage2.get('key'); // val2
    /* clear the keys under a namespace */
    /* clear all the keys */


    /* async set */
    $$storage.setAsync('key', 'val');
    /* async get */
    $$storage.getAsync('key').then((val) => {});
    /* async remove */


    1. How to use LocalStorage / SessionStorage?

    Use LocalStorage by default. If you want to switch to SessionStorage, please:

    import $$storage, { SessionStorageAdapter } from '@skit/storage';
    const storage = $$storage.create({ adapter: SessionStorageAdapter });
    storage.set('key', 'val');

    2. How to use in Mini-Program?

    Like above:

    import $$storage, { MiniprogramAdapter } from '@skit/storage';
    const storage = $$storage.create({ adapter: MiniprogramAdapter });
    storage.set('key', 'val');

    3. How to write a custom adapter?

    You can refer to the built-in adapter source codes and write a custom adapter to access storage in different environments (for example, in a Chrome plugin).

    Use it like the above:

    import MyAdapter from './my-adapter';
    const storage = $$storage.create({ adapter: MyAdapter });

    4. How is the expiration strategy implemented?

    Since the underlying layer does not provide a way to set TTL, it actually records the expiration time of each key when writing, and calculates the current time when it is taken out, and deletes the key if it expires.

    It should be noted that the above behavior is "LAZY", that is, expired keys will only be deleted when reading.

    Because this method is too expensive, it will only be deleted lazily in several methods such as has(), get(), and ttl(). The keys() method will not delete lazily by default. If you want to return only keys that have not expired, you can:

    /* Only return keys that have not expired */
    $$storage.keys({ eliminated: true });

    5. What if I want to store special types such as Function?

    If you really need similar functions, you can import other third-party serializers and treat them as ordinary strings when accessing data.

    6. Does it support IE?

    There are several versions to choose from in the dist directory:

    • index.min.js:Build with UMD. IE8+ supported.

    • index.modern.min.js:Build with UMD. Only modern browsers supported.

    • index.cjs.min.js:Build with CommonJS. Node.js 9.0+ supported.

    • index.esm.min.js:Build with ES Modules.

    P.S. In principle, it can also support IE6+. But because there is no LocalStorage feature on IE6-7, you need to write your own adapter based on IE UserData or polyfills.


    npm i @skit/storage

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