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    Official Sentry SDK for Svelte

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    This SDK currently only supports Svelte and is not yet fully compatible with with SvelteKit. If you would like the SDK to be fully compatible with SvelteKit, please reach out to us on GitHub.


    This package is a wrapper around @sentry/browser, providing error monitoring and basic performance monitoring features for Svelte.

    To use the SDK, initialize Sentry in your Svelte entry point main.js before you bootstrap your Svelte app:

    // main.js / main.ts
    import App from "./App.svelte";
    import * as Sentry from "@sentry/svelte";
    import { BrowserTracing } from "@sentry/tracing";
    // Initialize the Sentry SDK here
      dsn: "__DSN__",
      release: "my-project-name@2.3.12",
      integrations: [new BrowserTracing()],
      // Set tracesSampleRate to 1.0 to capture 100%
      // of transactions for performance monitoring.
      // We recommend adjusting this value in production
      tracesSampleRate: 1.0,
    // Then bootstrap your Svelte app
    const app = new App({
      target: document.getElementById("app"),
    export default app;

    The Sentry Svelte SDK supports all features from the @sentry/browser SDK. Until it becomes more stable, please refer to the Sentry Browser SDK documentation for more information and usage instructions.

    Sourcemaps and Releases

    To generate source maps of your Svelte app bundle, check our guide how to configure your bundler to emit source maps.

    To create releases and upload source maps to Sentry, we recommend using sentry-cli. You can for instance create a bash script to take care of creating a release, uploading source maps and finalizing the release:

    VERSION=<your version>
    ORG=<your org-slug>
    PROJECT=<your project-slug>
    sentry-cli releases new $VERSION --org $ORG --project $PROJECT
    sentry-cli releases files $VERSION upload-sourcemaps $SOURCEMAPS_PATH --org $ORG --project $PROJECT
    sentry-cli releases finalize $VERSION  --org $ORG --project $PROJECT

    Please note that the paths provided in this example work for a typical Svelte project that adheres to the project structure set by create-vite with the svelte(-ts) template. If your project setup differs from this template, your configuration may need adjustments. Please refer to our documentation of Advanced sentry-cli Sourcemaps Options and to our Sourcemaps Troubleshooting Guide.

    Check out our Svelte source maps uploading guide for more information.




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