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Data models and database connection for openSenseMap

require() openSenseMap API models

Install it as dependency: npm install --save @sensebox/opensensemap-api-models or yarn add @sensebox/opensensemap-api-models

This allows you to use parts like models and decoding in your own project. See index.js.



Releasing a new version

On each commit, Travis CI builds and tests the package with this .travis.yml. If the commit has a Git tag, a new version of the package will be published to npm through travis.

To create a new version, use npm version.

  1. Document your changes in Do not git add the file.
  2. Run npm version [ major | minor | patch ] -m "[v%s] Your commit message"
  3. git push origin master
  4. npm publish


MIT - Matthias Pfeil 2015 - now