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SCION Workbench

SCION Workbench enables the creation of Angular web applications that require a flexible layout to arrange content side-by-side or stacked, all personalizable by the user via drag & drop. This type of layout is ideal for applications with non-linear workflows, enabling users to work on content in parallel.

The workbench layout is a grid of parts. Parts are aligned relative to each other. A part is a stack of views. Content is displayed in views.

The layout can be divided into a main and a peripheral area, with the main area as the primary place for opening views. The peripheral area arranges parts around the main area to provide navigation or context-sensitive assistance to support the user's workflow. Defining a main area is optional and recommended for applications requiring a dedicated and maximizable area for user interaction.

Multiple layouts, called perspectives, are supported. Perspectives can be switched. Only one perspective is active at a time. Perspectives share the same main area, if any.

The sources for this package are in SCION Workbench repo. Please file issues and pull requests against that repo.

License: EPL-2.0

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