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    SCION Workbench

    The SCION Workbench provides a workbench layout for Angular applications similar to the Eclipse Workbench for Eclipse RCP applications.

    Workbench layouts are useful for applications with non-linear workflows where users want to flexibly view and edit content in parallel. Examples include specialized business applications, scientific or development tools, as well as command & control interfaces.

    A workbench layout allows the user to arrange and resize parts of the application using drag and drop. The layout consists of a view area and can define border panes. In the view area, the user can view or edit content in views. A view has a handle which the user can grab to arrange views side by side in a grid or move views to other locations in the grid. Border panes provide the user with additional information or context-sensitive assistance.

    Although SCION Workbench is designed for use in Angular applications, its workbench layout is particularly well suited for implementing a framework-agnostic microfrontend architecture, as different web applications can contribute views in the form of microfrontends. SCION Workbench has built-in microfrontend support from the SCION Microfrontend Platform, a lightweight library for embedding microfrontends. Microfrontends embedded as views can interact seamlessly with the workbench using the SCION Workbench Client or communicate with other microfrontends via the SCION Microfrontend Platform. Any web application can be integrated as a workbench view. Likewise, a workbench view can embed further microfrontends, and so on.

    The sources for this package are in SCION Workbench repo. Please file issues and pull requests against that repo.

    License: EPL-2.0


    npm i @scion/workbench

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