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    A Sanity plugin that supports filtering localized fields by language


    Install plugin

    sanity install @sanity/language-filter

    Installing with sanity install updates your sanity.json to include this plugin. If installing with npm or yarn, ensure your plugins array includes @sanity/language-filter.

    Add config file

    In order to know what languages are supported, this plugin needs to be set up with a config file that exports a few options.

    This config file needs to implement the part part:@sanity/language-filter/config, by adding the following lines to the parts-section of your sanity.json

      "name": "part:@sanity/language-filter/config",
      "path": "./parts/languageFilterConfig.js"

    Here's an example languageFilterConfig.js file:

    export default {
      supportedLanguages: [
        {id: 'nb', title: 'Norwegian (Bokmål)'},
        {id: 'nn', title: 'Norwegian (Nynorsk)'},
        {id: 'en', title: 'English'},
        {id: 'es', title: 'Spanish'},
        {id: 'arb', title: 'Arabic'},
        {id: 'pt', title: 'Portuguese'}
      // Select Norwegian (Bokmål) by default
      defaultLanguages: ['nb'],
      // Only show language filter for document type `page` (schemaType.name)
      documentTypes: ['page'],
      filterField: (enclosingType, field, selectedLanguageIds) =>
        !enclosingType.name.startsWith('locale') || selectedLanguageIds.includes(field.name)
    • supportedLanguages is an array of languages with id and title. If your localized fields are defined using our recommended way described here (https://www.sanity.io/docs/localization), you probably want to share this list of supported languages between this config and your schema.
    • defaultLanguages (optional) is an array of strings where each entry must match an id from the supportedLanguages array. These languages will be listed by default and will not be possible to unselect. If no defaultLanguages is configured, all localized fields will be selected by default.
    • documentTypes (optional) is an array of strings where each entry must match a name from your document schemas. If defined, this property will be used to conditionally show the language filter on specific document schema types. If undefined, the language filter will show on all document schema types.
    • filterField is a function that must return true if the field should be displayed. It is passed the enclosing type (e.g the object type containing the localized fields, the field, and an array of the currently selected language ids.


    npm i @sanity/language-filter

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