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File Watcher Trigger for Runnerty:

It is possible to set up file system path trigger in Runnerty with the help of auto-magically configured filewatchers. Them are defined with the condition property and can be fired through the following actions:

  • add: when a file is added.
  • change: when a file is changed.
  • unlink: when a file is deleted.
  • error: when there is an error in the file treatment.

Configuration sample:

  "id": "filewatcher_default",
  "type": "@runnerty-trigger-file-watcher"

Plan sample:

  "id": "filewatcher_default",
  "file_name": "/path/myfile.txt",
  "condition": "change"

Chain input

This trigger sends to the input of the chain the name of the file watched (file_name).