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    Admin UI for Angular7+ web applications based on Rucken template


    • Angular - development platform for building mobile and desktop web applications using Typescript/JavaScript and other languages
    • ngx-bootstrap - fast and reliable Bootstrap widgets in Angular
    • TypeScript - superset of JS which compiles to JS, providing compile-time type checking
    • @nguniversal/express-engine - universal javascript support for Angular for server side rendering
    • jsonwebtoken - a JavaScript json web tokens implementation by auth0
    • ngx-permissions - permission and roles based access control for your angular(angular 2,4,5,6,7+) applications(AOT, lazy modules compatible)
    • ngx-cookie-service - an (AOT ready) Angular (4.2+) service for cookies. Originally based on the ng2-cookies library
    • ngx-dynamic-form-builder - FormBuilder + class-transformer + class-validator = dynamic form group builder for Angular7+
    • ngx-repository - custom repository service for Angular7+, for easy work with the REST backend, with switch on fly from REST backend to the MOCK backend with save and use all CRUD operations
    • ngx-bind-io - directives for auto binding Input() and Output() in Angular7+ application
    • fontawesome - Font Awesome 5 Angular component using SVG with JS


    git clone my-app
    cd my-app
    npm install
    npm run start:prod

    Demo - Static site on GitHub Pages - Server-side rendering (SSR) on VPS with Dokku

    Compodoc documentations - Demo application documentation - Core documentation - Web documentation

    Quick links

    Frontend (with core)

    @rucken/core - Core with Admin UI for web application maked on Angular7+ and Bootstrap3.

    @rucken/todo - Core with UI for web todo application maked on Angular7+ and Bootstrap3.


    @rucken/core-nestjs - A simple application demonstrating the basic usage of permissions with NestJS (JWT, Passport, Facebook, Google+, User, Group, Permission).

    @rucken/todo-nestjs - A simple todo application with NestJS (Projects, Tasks, Statuses).


    @rucken/ionic - Admin UI for Ionic4 with Angular7+ mobile application.

    @rucken/todo-ionic - Admin UI for Ionic4 with Angular7+ mobile todo application


    @rucken/cli - Console tools to create and build Angular7+ and NestJS application based on Rucken template




    npm i @rucken/web

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