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🍣 A Rollup plugin which creates HTML files to serve Rollup bundles.

Please see Supported Output Formats for information about using this plugin with output formats other than esm (es), iife, and umd.


This plugin requires an LTS Node version (v14.0.0+) and Rollup v1.20.0+.


Using npm:

npm install @rollup/plugin-html --save-dev


Create a rollup.config.js configuration file and import the plugin:

const html = require('@rollup/plugin-html');

module.exports = {
  input: 'src/index.js',
  output: {
    dir: 'output',
    format: 'cjs'
  plugins: [html()]

Then call rollup either via the CLI or the API.

Once run successfully, an HTML file should be written to the bundle output destination.



Type: Object
Default: { html: { lang: 'en' }, link: null, script: null }

Specifies additional attributes for html, link, and script elements. For each property, provide an object with key-value pairs that represent an HTML element attribute name and value. By default, the html element is rendered with an attribute of lang="en".

Note: If using the es / esm output format, { type: 'module'} is automatically added to attributes.script.


Type: String
Default: 'index.html'


Type: Array[...object]
Default: [{ charset: 'utf-8' }]

Specifies attributes used to create <meta> elements. For each array item, provide an object with key-value pairs that represent <meta> element attribute names and values.

Specifies the name of the HTML to emit.


Type: String
Default: ''

Specifies a path to prepend to all bundle assets (files) in the HTML output.


Type: Function
Default: internal function Returns: String

Specifies a function that provides the rendered source for the HTML output. The function should be in the form of:

const template = ({ attributes, bundle, files, publicPath, title }) => { ... }
  • attributes: Corresponds to the attributes option passed to the plugin
  • bundle: An Object containing key-value pairs of AssetInfo or ChunkInfo
  • files: An Array of AssetInfo or ChunkInfo containing any entry (isEntry: true) files, and any asset (isAsset: true) files in the bundle that will be emitted
  • publicPath: Corresponds to the publicPath option passed to the plugin
  • title: Corresponds to the title option passed to the plugin

By default this is handled internally and produces HTML in the following format:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html ${attributes}>

Where ${links} represents all <link .. tags for CSS and ${scripts} represents all <script... tags for JavaScript files.


Type: String
Default: 'Rollup Bundle'

Specifies the HTML document title.



Parameters: attributes, Type: Object
Returns: String

Consumes an object with key-value pairs that represent an HTML element attribute name and value. The function returns all pairs as a space-separated string of valid HTML element attributes. e.g.

const { makeHtmlAttributes } = require('@rollup/plugin-html');

makeHtmlAttributes({ lang: 'en', 'data-batcave': 'secret' });
// -> 'lang="en" data-batcave="secret"'

Supported Output Formats

By default, this plugin supports the esm (es), iife, and umd output formats, as those are most commonly used as browser bundles. Other formats can be used, but will require using the template option to specify a custom template function which renders the unique requirements of other formats.


Will likely require use of RequireJS semantics, which allows only for a single entry <script> tag. If more entry chunks are emitted, these need to be loaded via a proxy file. RequireJS would also need to be a dependency and added to the build: https://requirejs.org/docs/start.html.


Would require a separate <script> tag first that adds the s.js minimal loader. Loading modules might then resemble: <script>System.import('./batman.js')</script>.


This plugin was inspired by and is based upon mini-html-webpack-plugin by Juho Vepsäläinen and Artem Sapegin, with permission.




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