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Opinionated wrapper and configurator for the winston logging toolkit.

The following transports are supported:

  • Elasticsearch transport using a local transformer function and ES data streams.
  • index template which is applied automatically.
  • Console (Winston built-in transport).
  • File (Winston built-in transport).

These transports can be added and configured with a corresponding property in the options hash:

  "loggerName": "somelogger",        // Optional name
  "sourcePointer": true,             // Whether the source file and line where the log statement was issued should be logged [default: `false`]
  "esTransformer": function(),       // Transformer function to transform the structured data (meta data) logged as JS object
  "console": {
    "handleExceptions": false,
    "level": "silly",
    "colorize": true,
    "prettyPrint": true
  "file": {
  "elasticsearch": {
    "stringifyMeta": true,           // Whether the structured data (meta data) logged as JS object should be stringified [default: `true`]

The logger returns a Winston logger instance which has methods that correspond to the following levels:

  • silly
  • verbose
  • debug
  • info
  • warn
  • error
  • log (generic)

In addition there is a generic log() function.


  • Source pointer logging -- show the source code file and line where the log statement was issued.
  • Implicit Request ID logging based on cls-rtracer.
  • Logger AsyncLocalStorage logger context to log implicit context information.
  • Supports local transformer function for the fields.
  • masking fields, omit fields and buffer fields removal from logging or unmarsahall buffer fields and then logging based on configuration.

An example how to use the AsyncLocalStorage logger context can be found here. An example how to use field options for masking fields or buffer fields can be found here.

Console logger

A custom format is defined that outputs the rid (request-id) if it is set and the contents of the AsyncLocalStorage context.

Elastichsearch logger

The following changes and transformations are applied to log messages:

  • Adds a @timestamp field with the current date/ time
  • Adds a host property with the current host name
  • Adds a rid request-id
  • Grabs all key/ values from the the current AsyncLocalStorage and merges them to the logged message

This module also comes with a suitable index pattern that can be imported in Kibana.



let logger = createLogger(opts);


Logging in general:

logger.<level>('Textual message');

// or

logger.log(<level>, 'Textual message');

The parameters for the log statements are built like this:

logger.info('Textual message');

// or

logger.info({ key: 'value' });

// or

logger.info('Textual message', { key: 'value' });

No other variants are supported.

See test.ts and the Winston documentation.



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