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    📌 React Pakistan 🔥🔥🔥

    React Pakistan is an OpenSource & Free Software (FOSS) platform, creating React software solutions for the global community.

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    📌 React Native Commons Collection

    A generic, Commons library for React Native apps, following modern approach by building your project's UI in isolation using state of the art Storybook along with React Native.

    📌 Table of Contents 🚀

    📌 Demo 🚀

    Checkout React Native Commons Collection

    📌 Technology Stack 🚀

    📌 Installation 🚀

    • Clone the repo
    • Cd into the project folder
    • Figure out which package manager you have on your system, then run following commands for their specific use cases.
      // to install dependencies
      // to install pods
      yarn pod:install
      // to run app on iOS simulator
      yarn ios
      // to run app on Android simulator
      yarn android
      // to run all tests locally
      yarn test


      // to install dependencies
      // to install pods
      npm run pod:install
      // to run app on iOS simulator
      npm run ios
      // to run app on Android simulator
      npm run android
      // to run all tests locally
      npm test

    📌 Usage 🚀

    Add React Native Commons Collection to your project.

      yarn add @react-pakistan/react-native-commons-collection


      npm install @react-pakistan/react-native-commons-collection

    Add React Native Commons Collection base theme to your project.

      yarn add @react-pakistan/util-react-native-functions


      npm install @react-pakistan/util-react-native-functions

    Refer to React Pakistan Docs for detail usage docs.

    📌 Styles 🚀

    Styled Components are employed to maintain and update theme for this project. Please consider adding Styled Component Provider wrapper to the entry point of your application, following is the sample code. You could either use the default theme as shown below or wire your custom theme object instead.

      import { ThemeProvider } from 'styled-components';
      import { theme } from '@react-pakistan/util-react-native-functions';
      <ThemeProvider theme={theme}>
        <App />

    📌 Tested 🚀

    We aim to achieve 100% coverage and we shall...

    Should you like this project and would like to see more coming in future, please consider giving a on Github project repo.

    📌 Contributors 🚀

    Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

    Contributors GitHub Emoji
    Taimoor Khan 🎨🤔🚧📆👀⚠️

    📌 Other Libraries from ReactPakistan 🚀

    📌 Support 🚀

    If you need any help or have any question, please feel free to join ReactPakistan community at React Pakistan Slack.

    📌 Contact 🚀

    I can be reachable via Taimoor Web or else should you wish to send over an expression of your interest to contribute towards ReactPakistan, please shoot an email.

    📌 Buy me Coffee 🚀

    Buy Me A Coffee


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