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    Package has been moved and is no longer maintained, use @ngx-file-upload/core and @ngx-file-upload/ui packages.

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    Angular 8+ async fileupload with progressbar

    ngx file upload demo on youtube



    npm i --save @r-hannuschka/ngx-fileupload


    <ngx-fileupload [url]="'http://localhost:3000/upload'"></ngx-fileupload>


    Watch Demo to see ngx fileupload in action, customizing views and add validations.


    To get more detailed informations please check out the docs


    Version 3.0+

    • Upload Storage

      Uploads will not longer store in ViewComponents this was a big mistake which leads to the problem that all uploads have to been stopped if the view has been left. So we deicide create a Storage which holds all Upload Requests, so it is very easy to create a new InjectionToken and inject your UploadStorage in any view you want. You can even leave the view and return later and see your uploads again.

    • Upload Queue

      The Upload Queue is part of the storage and controls which upload could start and which should pending until we got a free space. So you can add 50 Files start them all but by default the queue will only allow 5 uploads on the same time, if one upload is completed, canceled or removed it will grab next from queue and starts it.

      This will only happens for Upload Requests which was started (upload all or start them one by one), so no File would uploaded if you just put them into the list.

    • Seperate View from Bussiness Logic

      One other big change we completly seperate the view from bussiness logic, so you can allways build a complete own view just use the core classes (UploadStore, UploadQueue, UploadRequest, Validation) to create your own fileupload component.

      You dont have create a complete own view if you want to customize one view, you can allways just use the NgxFileUpload UI and customize them.

    Version 2.0+

    • Validation

      We completly reworked the validation concept, so now validators are not Providers anymore and built in the Compositor Design Pattern. So you can create multiple validators and put them together into groups and combine multiple groups in one group.

    Version 1.0+

    • Async Uploads

      All files will uploaded in a seperat request, so you can control them seperate (cancel, start ) and get informations about them

    • Full Customizeable

      Even if we provide a default view you can allways create a own view, inject a custom template to ngx-fileupload or ngx-fileupload-item to bring up a complete new view for every upload request or just add ngxFileUpload Directive to any component which should be used as FileBrowser

    To get more detailed informations please check out the docs


    git clone
    cd ngx-fileupload\src
    npm i
    # run simple express server for minimized rest api 
    # listen on localhost:3000 
    node src\server\upload-server.js
    # start webpack server (angular app) 
    # listen on localhost:4200 
    npm start


    # end to end tests 
    npm run e2e


    • reimplement e2e tests
    • reimplement unit tests
    • better state management for uploads
    • add option to limit processing max uploads at once


    All icon fonts was created with IconMoon App

    Special thanks for code reviews, great improvements and ideas to

    alt Konrad Mattheis
    Konrad Mattheis
    Thomas Haenig
    Thomas Haenig
    alt Alexander Görlich
    Alexander Görlich


    Ralf Hannuschka Github

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    npm i @r-hannuschka/ngx-fileupload

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