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mie : mini editor

mie is great for embedding p5.js sketches on your own website.

Demo: https://p5play.org/learn/sprite.html


Load the Ace editor and mie in your HTML:

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/ace-builds@1.18.0/src-min-noconflict/ace.min.js"></script>
<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/ace-builds@1.18.0/src-min-noconflict/ext-language_tools.js"></script>

<script src="https://quinton-ashley.github.io/mie/mie.js"></script>

Or use mie via npm:

npm i @qashto/mie

Add p5.js scripts to your page and they will be embedded in an editor with an instanced preview of the sketch auto-playing by default.

<script type="mie/p5" name="Sketch">
	function setup() {
		createCanvas(100, 100);
	function draw() {


You can add properties to the script tag to adjust the mie player to your liking. Here's an example that limits the height of the editor to 10 lines.

<script type="mie/p5" name="Sketch" lines="10">

Other property options include:
horiz/vert - horizontal or vertical layout (vert is the default) lines="#" - sets the height of the editor to the specified number of lines
base-# - specifies the sketch as a base sketch
base="#" - will load the code in its editor into the draw function of the specified base sketch
editor-btn - add the show/hide editor button
hide-editor - hides the editor, just shows the preview hide - hides the whole mini player, useful for invisible base sketches

Advanced Usage

If you don't want all the sketches on a page to be automatically loaded when the mie.js script executes you can disable auto-loading. Simply run this before the mie.js script executes:

window.mie = {
	autoLoad: false

Then load mie after the ace editor has loaded:


Then you can load only the mie scripts contained inside an specific HTML element by using the mie.loadMinis function. This is good if you have multiple pages of content in one HTML file and you want to load the sketches on each page separately.


You can also define the mie.ready function, which is run when mie is ready to load sketches.

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