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    handle strings in smart ways. TypeScript ready.

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    Use TypeScript for best in class instellisense.

    import * as smartstring from 'smartstring';
    // classes
    // smartstring.Domain class
    let myDomain = new smartstring.Domain('https://sub.main.tld');
    myDomain.level1; // "tld"
    myDomain.level2; // "main"
    // level3 , level 4 and so on...
    myDomain.zoneName; // "main.tld"
    myDOmain.protocol; // "https"
    // smartstring.GitRepo class
    let myGitRepo = new smartstring.GitRepo('git@github.com:someorg/somerepo.git'); // takes https and git and npm repo URL versions
    myGitRepo.host; // "github.com"
    myGitRepo.user; // "someorg"
    myGitRepo.repo; // "somerepo"
    myGitRepo.accessToken; // accessToken if specified with https
    myGitRepo.sshUrl; // "git@github.com:someorg/somerepo.git" (computed also from https)
    myGitRepo.httpsUrl; // "https://github.com/someorg/somerepo.git" (computed also from ssh)
    let myBase64 = new smartstring.Base64('somestring', 'string'); // first arg is the string, second is string type (can be string, base64, base64uri)
    myBase64.simpleString; // 'somestring'
    myBase64.base64String; // base64 representation of 'somestring'
    myBase64.base64UriString; // base64uri representation of 'sometring'
    // methods
    smartstring.base64.encode('somestring'); // encodes 'somestring' to base64
    smartstring.base64.encodeUri('sometring'); // encodes 'somestring' to base64uri
    smartstring.base64.decode(); // decodes base64 and base64uri to simple string respresentation
    smartstring.indent.indent('somestringanotherstring', 4); // indents a string by 4
    smartstring.indent.indent('somestringanotherstring', '>>>> '); // indents a string with a prefix
    smartstring.indent.normalize('    somestring        anotherstring', '>>>> '); // looks for the least amount of indention and removes superflouous space


    We are always happy for code contributions. If you are not the code contributing type that is ok. Still, maintaining Open Source repositories takes considerable time and thought. If you like the quality of what we do and our modules are useful to you we would appreciate a little monthly contribution: You can contribute one time or contribute monthly. :)

    For further information read the linked docs at the top of this readme.

    MIT licensed | © Lossless GmbH | By using this npm module you agree to our privacy policy




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