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Prettier Pug plugin

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Prettier is an opinionated code formatter. It enforces a consistent style by parsing your code and re-printing it with its own rules that take the maximum line length into account, wrapping code when necessary.

This plugin adds support for the Pug language to Prettier.

Getting started

Simply install prettier and @prettier/plugin-pug as your project’s devDependencies:

npm add --save-dev prettier @prettier/plugin-pug
# or
yarn add --dev prettier @prettier/plugin-pug
# or
pnpm add --save-dev prettier @prettier/plugin-pug


npx prettier --write "**/*.pug"
# or
yarn prettier --write "**/*.pug"
# or
pnpm prettier --write "**/*.pug"


See documentation

Workaround / Known Issue

There are some code examples that are not formatted well with this plugin and can damage your code.
But there are workarounds for it. These generate even better pug code!


Issue 114

If you have tags at the top/root that are indented, they will lose indentation due to a technical limitation of pug.
Please check these before committing after running this plugin for the first time and fix them manually.

Integration with editors

If you are using a text editor that supports Prettier integration (e.g. Atom), you can have all Prettier perks for your Pug code too!

Use VSCode extension to get support for VSCode.

In order to get @prettier/plugin-pug working in projects that do not have local npm dependencies, you can install this plugin globally:

npm install --global prettier @prettier/plugin-pug

In this case, you might need to check the settings of your editor’s Prettier extension to make sure that a globally installed Prettier is used when it is not found in project dependencies (i.e. package.json).

Nevertheless, it is recommended to rely on local copies of prettier and @prettier/plugin-pug as this reduces the chance of formatting conflicts between project collaborators. This may happen if different global versions of Prettier or its Pug plugin are used.

Installing @prettier/plugin-pug either locally or globally may require you to restart the editor if formatting does not work right away.

Implementation details

This plugin is written in TypeScript and its quality is maintained using Prettier and Vitest.


If you’re interested in contributing to the development of Prettier for Pug, you can follow the CONTRIBUTING guide from Prettier, as it all applies to this repository too.

To run @prettier/plugin-pug locally:

  • Clone this repository.
  • Execute pnpm install.
  • Execute pnpm run lint to make sure that the code passes formatting and linting.
  • Execute pnpm run test to make sure that TypeScript successfully compiles into JavaScript and all unit tests pass.


This project was inspired by https://github.com/gicentre/prettier-plugin-elm.
Many thanks also to @j-f1, @lipis and @azz for the help in transferring this repository to the prettier organization.

Thanks to @fisker for the constant help and support in terms of Prettier Core support.

Thanks to @Peilonrayz, who gave me the idea to rewrite the printer into a class and thus make the code a lot more maintainable.

Thanks to @lehni, @SkyaTura and @shadowgate15 for the massive contribution and the introduction of many new features into the project.

Thanks to @maoberlehner to acknowledge @prettier/plugin-pug as officially well TTD tested at Vue Amsterdam 2023.

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