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Solana Wallet Names

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This package resolves wallet names (like mikemaccana.sol) to wallet addresses (like 5FHwkrdxntdK24hgQU8qgBjn35Y1zwhz1GZwCkP2UJnM) across the entire Solana ecosystem, including 8 different name services and 5 different profile picture (PFP) services. Reverse mapping (wallet addresses to names) is also supported in most cases.

Supported wallet names are:

  • .abc (using Solana PFP standard for profile pictures)
  • .backpack (using Backpack for profile pictures)
  • .bonk (using Solana PFP standard for profile pictures)
  • .glow (using Glow for profile pictures)
  • .poor (using Solana PFP standard for profile pictures)
  • .sol (using Solana PFP standard for profile pictures)

We've had experimental support for .ottr too, it will be coming back in future soon using a real API.

Note: wallet names do not assert identity

Wallet names are a convenient alternative for wallet addresses. However wallet names do not assert real world identity. Most of services used in this library do not check the real-world identity of people registering wallet names.

  • Many wallet names that sounds like real world people and organisations are not those organisation - barclays.sol isn't Barclays, cashapp.sol isn't cashapp, joemccann.sol isn't the well known Solana investor. This isn't just Solana, all blockchain name services and DNS itself operate this way. Having a particular name registered simply means the holder was the first person to register that name.
  • Wallet name services that include given and family names do not check that the person has identification matching the given and family names.
  • Profile picture services do not check that the person depicted matches the owner of the wallet

Ensure users are aware of this:

Warning There is no guarantee that (walletName) represents a particular individual or organisation.

We'll be releasing some other tech 🔜 to assert individual or organisation identity and get profile pictures that are proven match the identity of the wallet holder.


npm i "@portal-payments/solana-wallet-names"


All you need is a Solana Connection object. Optionally, you can also get a Twitter bearer token - not including twitterBearerToken will simply disable Twitter results.

🧑🏻‍🦱➡️🔡🖼️ Wallet name to wallet address (and profile picture)

If you have a wallet name, like mikemaccana.abc, and you want to get an address and profile picture:

import { walletNameToAddressAndProfilePicture } from "@portal-payments/solana-wallet-names";

const walletAddressAndProfilePicture = await walletNameToAddressAndProfilePicture(
  // A Solana connection
  // One of: .abc .backpack .bonk .glow .poor .sol or @twitter

walletAddressAndProfilePicture will look like:

  walletAddress: "5FHwkrdxntdK24hgQU8qgBjn35Y1zwhz1GZwCkP2UJnM",
  profilePicture: https://some.url/filename.ext,

If either (or both) aren't found, they will be null. We only error for actual errors (and don't throw error when there are no results):

  walletAddress: null,
  profilePicture: null,

🔡➡️🧑🏻‍🦱🖼️ Wallet address to wallet name (and profile picture)

If you have a wallet address, like 5FHwkrdxntdK24hgQU8qgBjn35Y1zwhz1GZwCkP2UJnM, and you want to get an address and profile picture:

import { walletAddressToNameAndProfilePicture } from "@portal-payments/solana-wallet-names";

const walletNameAndProfilePicture = await walletAddressToNameAndProfilePicture(
  // A Solana connection
  // A Solana wallet address

walletNameAndProfilePicture will look like:

  walletName: "mikemaccana.sol",
  profilePicture: https://some.url/filename.ext,

Was this useful?

I'm a poor startup founder. Send me some tokens! mikemaccana.sol.


  • In cases where addresses can have multiple account names, only the first or 'main' account name is returned.
  • Solana PFP Standard uses the Netscape 'broken image' icon for missing images. This is ugly, so instead we return null.
  • Ottr is only on the backend for now
  • Backpack and Ottr do not currently have wallet address to name mappings available.


This library is designed to support all Solana naming services - as new services are added over time, we'd love you to contribute them here.

Please see Portal Wallet Coding Guidelines when writing your PRs.

File issues in the Issues tab in GitHub



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