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This library is an alternative take on implementing Bencodex in JavaScript.

It focused to address the following problems from the existing JavaScript implementation(s):

  • No Node.js-only APIs: It does not depend on Node.js-only APIs such as Buffer. Usable with web browsers, Deno, and Node.js.

  • Static-time and runtime type safety: It is fully written in TypeScript, and promise us, we use any nowhere, and it never trusts any data from external sources thoughtlessly. Instead, it tries to parse data and validate them whenever it read data from external sources. It's not only written in TypeScript, it also has runtime checks here and there so that you could use it in vanilla JavaScript without fear.

  • Well-tested: Passing only the Bencodex spec test suite is not enough to guarantee the whole functionality of a library, as every library has their own part to interpret data in JavaScript (how data should look like in JavaScript values, where data are read from and written into, whether data are streamed or given in a single big chunk, etc). It has its own unit tests besides spec test suite, and we've done the best to reach near-100% test coverage.

  • Comprehensive docs: Every non-trivial library needs the three types of docs: tutorials for getting stated, in-depth manuals for common scenarios, and complete API references with concise examples. It has all of them!

  • Reducing unnecessary memcpy: Instead of creating chunks of Uint8Arrays and then allocating a large buffer to concatenate the whole data once again, it allocates only the necessary buffer only once. It is not just memory-efficient, also time-efficient as memcpy quite takes time.

  • Proper binary keys: It does not simply depend on Map, which compares its Uint8Array keys by reference equality. Instead, it implements its own proper dictionary which compares Uint8Array by content equality.

Distributed under LGPL 2.1 or later.

Getting started

See also the complete API references as well.


It's available on deno.land/x/bencodex:

import { decode, encode } from "https://deno.land/x/bencodex/mod.ts";

const value = new Map([
  ["foo", true],
  ["bar", null],
  ["baz", new Uint8Array([0x73, 0x70, 0x61, 0x6d])],
    new Uint8Array([0x68, 0x65, 0x6c, 0x6c, 0x6f]),
      "Unicode string",
const encoded = encode(value);
const decoded = decode(encoded);


Add @planetarium/bencodex to your dependencies using your favorite package manager:

npm install @planetarium/bencodex

The API usage is equivalent to the example above for Deno, except that you need to import things from "@planetarium/bencodex" instead of the deno.land/x/ URL:

import { decode, encode } from "@planetarium/bencodex";


Bencodex TypeScript (Value)
Null null
Boolean boolean
Integer bigint (not number)
Binary Uint8Array
Text string
List Value[]
Dictionary Dictionary


$ deno bench
cpu: 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-1235U
runtime: deno 1.30.3 (x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu)

benchmark                        time (avg)             (min … max)       p75       p99      p995
------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------
encoding (bencodex.js)        28.96 µs/iter   (17.24 µs … 10.43 ms)  22.25 µs  117.5 µs 221.98 µs
encoding (disjukr/bencodex)   66.01 µs/iter    (39.36 µs … 4.38 ms)  55.58 µs  215.2 µs 313.14 µs

  encoding (bencodex.js)
   2.28x faster than encoding (disjukr/bencodex)

decoding (bencodex.js)         7.73 µs/iter    (6.35 µs … 16.97 ms)   6.92 µs  17.39 µs  30.93 µs
decoding (disjukr/bencodex)   45.76 µs/iter     (31.2 µs … 5.08 ms)  46.35 µs 135.29 µs 185.85 µs

  decoding (bencodex.js)
   5.92x faster than decoding (disjukr/bencodex)

You can run the benchmarks by deno bench.



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