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    PayPal Credit Messaging

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    A messaging component allowing easy integration of PayPal Credit Messages onto your site.

    Dev Docs

    See developer.paypal.com/docs/business/pay-later/integrate/


    Please feel free to follow the Contribution Guidelines to contribute to this repository. PRs are welcome, but for major changes please raise an issue first.

    Quick Setup

    Set up your env:

    npm install

    Run tests:

    npm test

    Run in dev mode:

    npm start

    Creating a Bundle

    npm run build


    • -v - version, optional
    • -e - environment, one of production, sandbox or stage
    • -m - module, optional, one of library, components, or render
    • -t - tag, optional, name of the stage tag
    • -s - testEnv, optional, link to a test environment

    The command you'll most likely need to use is

    npm run build -- -t stage-tag-name -s test-environment-link


    • build

    • build:<env> where <env> is stage, sandbox, or production

      • runs webpack with NODE_ENV=<env>
    • build:analyze

    • build:demo

      • runs webpack with env.demo set
    • dev

      • runs webpack-dev-server with TARGET=sdk, NODE_ENV=local, STAGE_TAG=local
    • dev:<target> where <target> is standalone, modal, or lander

      • runs webpack-dev-server with TARGET=<target>, NODE_ENV=local, STAGE_TAG=local
      • note: modal uses TARGET=standalone-modal
    • dev:<env> where <env> is stage, sandbox, or production

      • runs webpack-dev-server with TARGET=standalone and NODE_ENV=<env>
    • lint

      • checks our codebase for style issues
    • preinstall

      • runs automatically on npm install and removes node_modules/
    • start

      • runs npm run dev
    • test

      • runs all unit tests
    • test:<type> where <type> is func, func:nosnaps or func:ciupdate

      • func runs all snapshot functional tests
      • func:nosnaps runs all non-snapshot functional tests
      • func:ciupdate updates all snapshots generated by functional tests



    1. Run npm run dev:ci in one command line instance
    2. In a second window run the below command, which runs tests for a specific integrationType
      • integrationType is one of: api, sdk, standalone, or webpage
    CONFIG_PATH={locale}/{account} npm run test:func:snapshots -- --testPathPattern {integrationType}


    CONFIG_PATH=US/DEV_US_MULTI npm run test:func:snapshots -- --testPathPattern sdk

    Alternatively, you can remove -- --testPathPattern {integrationType} and just run the following to run tests on an account for all integration types.

    CONFIG_PATH={locale}/{account} npm run test:func:snapshots


    This package is published weekly, Every Wednesday. Please view our Changelog to stay updated with bug fixes and new features.




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