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    PatternFly React - Core

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    This project provides the React core components for the PatternFly project.

    Community: PatternFly website | Slack | Medium | Mailing list

    Table of contents

    1. Setup
    2. Contribution guidelines
    3. License


    Before you begin, check out this overview of PatternFly to get familiar with the basic elements of the design system. These instructions also assume that an existing React project is set up. For more information on how to do this, please see our main README.

    Install the @patternfly/react-core NPM package

    • Using npm, run the following command to install:

      npm install @patternfly/react-core --save


    • Using yarn, run the following command to install:

      yarn add @patternfly/react-core

    Project configuration

    Each PatternFly component already contains the CSS related to the component. In order to have consistent styles throughout the application, PatternFly Base CSS should be used in the project, or some components may diverge in appearance. This import statement should be placed before your main application component is imported.

    import '@patternfly/react-core/dist/styles/base.css';

    Example component usage

    import { Button } from '@patternfly/react-core';
    export default <Button variant="primary">Button</Button>;

    All component documentation is available on

    Advanced usage

    1. Applying Overpass font

    Contribution guidelines

    All React contributors must first be PatternFly community contributors. If you are already a PatternFly community contributor, check out the React contribution guidelines to make React contributions.


    PatternFly React is licensed under the MIT License.


    npm i @patternfly/react-core

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